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Party On-The-Go! Get Your Lingerie Game On!

Unlike the old days, women have started being conscious about their lingerie as much as for their party dresses because we all know how one wrong piece can spoil the look of your whole dress. So to save yourself from a blunder, you need to get the perfect party lingerie for yourself. Here are some tips you can consider while choosing lingerie that accentuates your party dress and makes you look flawless:



Best one ever: Your party lingerie must be the best piece out of whatever you have in your wardrobe. It could be a little expensive but you must love it the most. And if you are confused on the designs, check out the latest ones available at Clovia.




Go Out of the Box:If you are planning on wearing shapewear, don’t opt for nude and boring colours. Go for some in trend bold colours or something with an embroidery or lace.




Choose Sparkles: Adding some glimmer and sparkles to your lingerie can actually work wonders for your party dress. If you are planning on wearing a low neck dress, wear silver, gold or a studded bra to look stunning.



Mix Colours: The coolest idea for the perfect party dress is to adorn it with contrast colour bras. If you are wearing a black dress then wear a pink bra or blue bra. And if it is a white coloured dress, go for yellow bra or green coloured bra. Neon Colours will also look great if you are going for a pool party or a beach party.



Go Strapless: Strapless bras will offer support along with shape to your dress.



Right Fit: If you need a flattering silhouette and a perfect bust area then makes sure your lingerie is neither too tight nor loose.

Don’t Compromise Comfort: Make sure that you do not miss comfort in search of glam. Many women go crazy on designs and miss the comfort factor which becomes a problem. Knowing that a party will last for hours, you cannot afford such elements where you require confidence.

Buy some great party lingerie from and make life simple yet glamorous.


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