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Nursing Tips From Real Moms

Nursing Tips From Real Moms

Being a mom is wonderful but not easy, as a newbie, you have to know about a lot of new things. One of your first nurturing acts as a new mother is feeding your baby. Breastfeeding may be natural, but not at all easy. We know breastfeeding can be overwhelming at times, but putting the below tips into practice will help you make the most of your time with your little one while breastfeeding. So pay attention to your little one’s needs, get comfortable, relax and don’t stress yourself. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with asking for help.

So here are some tips from real moms to make your breastfeeding experience less stressful.

 Nursing Bras

Nursing bras

Who knew your bra size would keep on changing – the bras I bought in pregnancy didn’t fit once I started lactating.
– Rachna, Delhi

Your regular bras don’t have much room for the diaphragm to grow during pregnancy and some also have an underwire which is not at all recommended to wear whilst being pregnant or nursing. Since regular bras are fairly structured, you may not be able to bring your little one to your breast without taking off your bra. To avoid that, buy nursing bras that have easy feeding access. The access could be in the form of front open flaps or hooks that can be accessed single-handedly.

Inverted Nipple Breastfeeding Tips

Inverted Nipple Breastfeeding Tips

Some women have nipples that don’t protrude properly or nipples that turn inward instead of pointing outward, making it hard for the baby to latch on to breastfeed. So for this kind of situation here are breastfeeding tips to help bring the nipple out.

Roll Your Nipples

Roll your nipples

It’s better to manually pull the nipple out or roll the nipple between your fingers, something you can practice even before the baby arrives.

Try Suction Devices

Try suction devices

Another solution to this problem is suction devices. Suction devices can help with inverted nipples and you can use them on your breasts once to twice a day starting a week or two before your due date.

Keep Your Nipples Moisturized

Keep your nipples moisturized

I wish I’d known you could get thrush on your nipples. It was so painful and apparently, I was more prone as I had dry and sensitive skin during pregnancy itself.”
Bhavna, Noida

If your nipples are sore and cracked, a good nipple care cream can be a boon as it helps them stay moist. After every nursing session, you can also use a little bit of nipple butter, take a small quantity on clean hands, apply onto your nipples and massage them gently.

Treat Clogged Milk Ducts Right Away

Treat clogged milk ducts right away

Hot showers were amazing for that. After the hot shower, I would apply a cool compress. It helped allow my milk to flow well and reduce inflammation.
Renu Sharma, Kanpur

Have a problem with plugged or clogged ducts? This is quite common and it happens when your milk gets backed up. This can cause severe pain. To avoid this, breastfeed on the side with the plugged duct as often as every two hours to help loosen the clog and get your milk moving freely again. You can also aim the baby’s chin at the plug, which will focus his sucking on the affected duct.

Milk Patches

Milk Patches

“I had to face so much embarrassment because I often had milk patches on my kurtas, until I discovered that a specialist product is available in the market for this problem.”
– Jannet, Bangalore

Breasts pads are great for milk leakage. They are super slim pads that can be used on the inner side of the bra. It is super absorbent and breathable. It traps all the milk inside and doesn’t let it stain your clothes.

Sagging Breasts

Sagging Breasts

“ I had seen this coming, after nursing my baby for a couple of months I started to notice that my breast had lost its elasticity and had started to droop. This made me lose my confidence to wear all those fitted tops & dresses I used to wear before pregnancy.”

I started using breast firming oils and creams to rebuild my skin elasticity. The products worked very well for me and I could see the difference in a couple of months. All I had to do was massage the breasts in upward circular motion and this not only helped in making the breasts perkier and firmer but also kept the breasts hydrated and soft which were otherwise becoming sore and dry.

I hope these tips helped you! Nursing your little one is not at all an easy task. And if you’re dealing with any of the problems that I mentioned above you know what to do!



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