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Must-Have Sportswear Essentials for Indian Women

Pandemic has made everyone lazy lying in our Pj’s all day. But also it has taught us how important it is to build our immunity and stay healthy. It’s very important to stay healthy especially at this point of time so you know what to do right. Eat healthy and don’t forget to workout. One thing we have realised is that if we can’t go to a gym we can surely workout at the comfort of our homes. Working out at home doesn’t mean that you have to workout in your oversized shirts or your regular PJ’s. It’s important to wear workout clothes during a workout session as it builds self confidence, improves the performance and avoids injuries. 


So here’s a list of must-have sportswear essentials that every Indian women requires. 

Sports Bra:

Sports BraFirst and foremost important thing is a sports bra. I know you love that sexy lace bra or a pushup bra so much but it’s a no. That won’t help you in any way. While most of us Indian women are blessed with a good bust size we need the right bra to support, especially while working out. A good sports bra protects your bust during a workout, restricts movement and avoids breast related injuries. Depending on the size of your busts there are a wide range of bras available ranging from low impacted to high impacted bras. So choose accordingly and burn those extra calories.

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Sports T-shirts:

workout t-shirtsYour normal cotton t-shirt definitely won’t be suitable for an intense workout session because it’ll just absorb the sweat and not wick it away. So here’s a range of workout t-shirts for you. These special workout t-shirts are crafted with polyester fabric that wicks the sweat away. So no more irritation from sweat you can stay dry and comfortable during your whole workout session. They have amazing stretch quality thus it allows you to do any kind of bending, yoga and workout without restriction.


TightsNow that we know about t-shirts and bras let’s get into tights. This is another important thing while working out. Tights ensure free movement without any restriction. Your normal pajamas or jeans won’t allow that for sure. Tights are extremely stretchable and comfortable. Also, they are available in different lengths- ankle fit, calf-length and full fit. You can literally wear these all day long. Get these tights ASAP and feel the burn on your leg day.

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No more worrying about your panty lines showing under those fitted tights. These thongs by Clovia will give you a seamless finish without any visible panty lines. It will allow you to work out comfortably without any restrictions. 


It’s very important to choose perfect workout clothes for a perfect workout session. Choose the correct size and perfect attire and get ready for the grind. Shop from Clovia for perfect quality with incredible offers.


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