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Make a Statement with Bralettes

Bralettes- The New Style Staple for Everyday Looks

After 5 months of staying under a lockdown if there’s something that women miss more than anything – it’s dressing up! Let’s admit it, for a lot of women dressing up and styling their wardrobe has been a ritual and is truly therapeutic.

I’m pretty sure you’re on a break with your wonderful bra collection. It’s obvious that no one would wanna wear a bra, especially when you are not going out the whole day. But to keep the summer-ready look going, Clovia is providing a wide range of bralettes that are all set to make your everyday look amazing and refreshing. From basic leisure bralettes to sexy push-up bralettes we have covered it all.

So it’s time you get prepped up to brave the new world with stylish bralette looks for everyday wear. Here are some of our best-selling bralettes styled for different occasions, check them out:

At Home Fun

At Home FunJust because you are stuck at home, doesn’t mean you should be stuck with your same loose top and old shorts. You deserve to look sexy and cute and that’s why we recommend you this comfy padded lace bralette in deep green shade. Look and feel super cute while lounging at home in this longline bralette. Pair this sexy lingerie with your PJ’s or dolphin shorts for a fashionable look. The non-wired and padded cups give you full comfort, minus the wire pokes. So you can peacefully binge-watch all the web series.

For Your Virtual Dates

For Your Virtual DatesUgh! Isn’t it so depressing to miss your partner and not get to see them for so many days? Are you still wondering how to cope up with this sadness? Don’t worry guys, that’s why video calls have come for your rescue, thanks to technology for that! But if you are wondering what to wear for your adorable virtual dates then here you go. Thanks to Clovia for this halter neck longline bralette that’s comfy, sexy and stylish. Don this incredible black bralette to add some oomph to your date night (yes, the virtual one). Team this bralette with a super cool high waist skirt and you’re officially ready to make your partner drool over his mobile screen;)

 Zoom Weddings

Zoom WeddingsLet’s talk about the real party? Zoom wedding are the new cool of 2020. If you have a friend or relative getting married during the lockdown, the best way you could attend their wedding is through a zoom call. Dress up for the occasion as you style a bralette with an embellished dupatta and some ethnic jewellery. Don’t bother about a saree or a lehenga remember it’s a zoom wedding after all!

Sexy Indoor photoshoots

Sexy Indoor photoshootsIs it only me or even you are wondering how to spice up your insta feed? Now that we are stuck at home, there’s nothing interesting to post and keep your feed growing. But that doesn’t mean the fun is over! What if you can’t go out? You can still have indoor photoshoots with the right outfits. Check out this lavender & white longline bralette which can be your one sexy outfit to light up your basic indoor photoshoots. Pair it with your sexy denim shorts and try on some sneakers for an ultra-chic summer-spring vibe.

Girls Night In!

Girls Night In!Yes, it’s sad to stay home all night but shouldn’t be a barrier to your mid-night fun! Call for an all-girls night out, have some homemade food and watch Netflix. What are we missing? Yes! The right outfit! Don’t you this is a great time to show off your sexy lingerie and make your besties a lil jealous? Consider wearing this ultra-cute lace bralette for your sleepover. Pair this cute lacy number with your mini skirt or boxers for a night full of laughter and joy.

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