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Large Breasts? Here’s The Ultimate Guide To Find The Best Sports Bra For You

Girls and ladies with fuller breasts often have to face the hassle of finding the perfect fit even in regular bras. No wonder most of them don’t even consider looking for a sports bra in their size. But, the truth is that the bounce factor for bustier women is higher than the others, thus they need even  more support while engaging in any kind of physical activity.

Moreover, there are higher chances of tissue damage or sagging for bustier women if they go on indulging in physical activities without the support of a right sports bra. If you are also one of them who have been hesitant to look for a sports bra in their size then here are some ways to get the perfect one for yourself.

Features to Look Out For –

Before you start the hunt, remember these features that a sports bra for large breasts ought to possess.

  1. It should offer minimum stretch in areas like bra cups, straps & the band.
  2. Since, larger breasts need more cup space opt for sports bras that have two separate cups instead of one flat panel in front.
  3. Look for bras that have higher and fuller cup coverage in order to avoid any top or side spills, broader straps and broader band to get maximum support and better stability.
  4. Choose for back styles that involve either a racerback or hook and eye closure to get better control and flexibility while working out.
  5. Stay true to your size while shopping a sports bra too. Don’t try to wear lose or tighter ones as that may spoil your breast shape and result in long term pain.

Apart from purchasing the right bra, also make sure that you replace them timely when the cups or band feel loose. Also, purchase more than just one bra as that will let you take turns while wearing them, making their life longer. Shopping sports bra online is a great way of making sure that you not only get the trendiest and most comfy styles but also the perfect fit.


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