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Know About Bras For Breast Cancer Survivors

A breast cancer diagnosis can be a really scary thing. And this is one of the women’s biggest nightmares. If a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, the next thing is mastectomy. A mastectomy is a surgery to remove all breast tissues from the affected breast as a way to treat or prevent breast cancer. Just imagine the plight of a breast cancer survivor woman who has gotten either one or both breasts removed. And that’s why we are here with these products made for breast cancer survivors.

Mastectomy bras: 

 Non-Padded Non-Wired Full Coverage Mastectomy Pocket Bra in White - CLOVIA X CANFEM

A mastectomy bra is made using cotton hosiery material. It is purely seamless to give a perfect style and fit. It has pockets attached to hold the prosthesis. You can slide the prosthesis inside these pockets to ensure a perfect fit. With an adjustable waistband, straps, and breathable fabric, it will help you feel comfortable, confident, and gorgeous at the same time. It is the best for breast cancer patients and survivors who underwent mastectomy or full removal of one or both breasts.

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Breast prosthesis:

Cotton Drop Shaped Handcrafted Breast Prosthesis Medium Weight - CLOVIA X CANFEM

This breast prosthesis is made using cotton fabric and special fabric technology. The prosthesis is very soft, ensuring the best comfort.

Now you might be wondering about how to use it. Don’t worry I’ll guide you through that too:


How to wear it?


The mastectomy bra contains pockets on both sides to hold the prosthesis properly in the right place without slipping. Now take your breast prosthesis and fold it a little. Now slide it inside the pocket and adjust them with your fingers as required. After adjusting the, wear it with hooks at your backside or if it seems hard for you to wear it in that way, wear it as front open, reverse your bra and bring the hooks at the front and tie them. Now slide the bra across your waist and bring the cup areas to the front and slip your hands through the straps, and adjust according to your comfort. The straps are also adjustable so check it properly and adjust accordingly for your comfort and fit. This bra is suitable for double mastectomy as well as single mastectomy patients. 

Washing instructions:

The bras are preferred to be washed by hand in cold water. If you want to use a machine, make sure to wash the bra in gentle mode using mild detergent. Do not wash them in hot water as this may result in permanent loss of elasticity. 

And for Canfem breast prosthesis, hand wash is suggested. Washing it in a machine can damage the product permanently. Dry it  in the sun only. Do not tumble dry. You need not iron or bleach the prosthesis. Avoid squeezing, pulling, twisting, or wriggling it. Store with care. 

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We always got your back no matter what situation it is, even when you have undergone a mastectomy operation.   Now get back into your routine life with much more confidence and slay every day!



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