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Is The Size For a Push Up Bra Same as Your Usual Bra?

Is the size for a push up bra same as your usual bra

There are a lot of women and girls who often get confused about what size of push up bra they should shop for. Should the size of the push up bra be the same as their usual bra or do they have to go for a size up? If you’re under this confusion too, this blog is exactly what you need to right now as we try to break some myths and answer your queries. But before that, let’s understand what push up bras are, what types are they available in, who should wear them, and more.

What is Push Up Bra?

Push Up Bra

Push up bras are designed to lift your breasts and make them look fuller. Their underwires are embedded in such a manner that your breasts are pushed towards the centre, creating that naturally gorgeous cleavage.

Who Should Wear Push Up Bras?

Anyone who wants to boost the appearance of their breasts can opt for push-up bras. Your size or body shape cannot and should not stop you from wearing push-up bras in any manner. However, you might want to consider about the structure and style of push-up bras to ensure that you make the best purchase as per your fit and form.

What are The Levels of Push-Up Bras?

1. Level 1: These bras gently lift your breasts, making them appear fuller. These work best for women with full or semi-full breasts.

2. Level 2: These bras provide a moderate lift to your breasts, adding about one cup size to your original breast size. They work best for women with semi-full breasts.

Level of Push Up Bra

3. Level 3: These bras are best for women who have smaller cup size and crave the appearance of bigger breasts. They add about two cup sizes to your original bust size, making them look voluminous.

What Size should be Selected When Buying Push-Up Bras?

Now, coming back to the size, the answer is that the size remains same in case of push-up bras as your usual bras. You don’t have to go for a size up as brands craft them carefully considering your original size. Just because they add a cup size or two doesn’t imply that you have to go for a size or two up. All you have to do is stay true to size by measuring your bust size accurately.

How to Measure The Size of Push Up Bra?

Bra Measurement

The procedure to measure the size of push-up bras remains similar to other bras. All you have to do is measure the band size and cup size to ensure the perfect fit. Refer to our bra size chart to understand how to get the measurements right.


Push-up bras are one of the investments you can make for underfashion wardrobe. So, give your breasts the defined shape while staying true to your size with push-up bras available at Clovia.

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