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The Best Push-Up Bras for Every Breast Size and Shape

One of the biggest misconceptions that are going around the push-up bra is that only women with small breasts can wear it. Well, in fact, a woman with any breast size can wear a push-up to look sexier. To understand this first you should know what is push-up bra and what actually it does. 

What is a Push-up Bra?

As the name implies a push-up bra lifts up the bust and enhances the cleavage. It makes your breast fuller & perkier. That a normal non-padded or padded bra can’t do. 

The cups of a push-up bra has angular padding in the lower part that pushes the breast upward in an inward direction to make them look rounder and defines the cleavage.

Who Needs a Push-up Bra?

According to the engineering of a push-up bra, it is best suitable for all such women who have either small or saggy breasts.

What Occasions Call for a Push-up Bra?

Irrespective of the fact that a push-up makes you look sexier, it is not a bra that you want to wear every day. Because not all occasion calls for your glamorous version. So all those events when you want to look extra hot, you should wear a push-up bra., such as parties, date nights, etc.

Now that you have understood what is a push-up bra, who should wear it on which occasion. Let’s jump straight on to types as per the breast shapes.

Types of Push-up Bras As Per Breast Shape

Lingerie designer has made it so easy for you to choose as per your breast size & expectations. Basically, push-up bras can be classified into three different types according to the thickness of padding that defines the outcome: Level 1, 2 & 3.

1. Level-1 Push-up Bra: 

Level 1 push-up bra comes with a ⅓rd cup filled with angular padding which makes it perfect for all those ladies who have bigger yet gassy breasts. It gives a natural lift to the breast & makes cleavage more prominent. Hence you get the illusion of fuller & firmer breasts. 

2. Level-2 Push-up Bra: 

This bra comes with half of the cups filled with padding, which helps in adding a cup size to your normal size. You get a clear cleavage even more. Level 2 push-up bra is best suited for women with medium-sized or smaller breasts.

3. Level-3 Push-up Bra 

Level-3 adds 2 cup sizes in your actual bust size, as its ¾ of cups are filled with padding.  This level will best suit women with small breasts, as it will make their bust look fuller and give their cleavage a more prominent look. 

Types of Push-up Bras According to Outfits

Not only padding but also outfits also demand different types of push-up bras. That’s why designers blessed us with several options. Depending on your occasion & outfit you can choose these styles of push-up brass. 

  • T-shirt Push-up bra:  You can wear it with your casual outfits. The seamless finish of cups makes it best suited for T-shirts or any bodycon dresses that can’t bear the ugly seams. This bra gives a nice shape and polished look. 
  • Strapless Push-up bra: Aperfect match for your strappy, strapless & off-shoulder outfits. This bra comes with detachable straps that give you the freedom of pairing it with spaghetti tops or strapless dresses. When purchasing a strapless push-up bra always purchase a cup smaller than your usual cup size, otherwise this bra might slide down or might not give you that fuller look.
  • Wireless Push-up bra: Push-up bra comes with wired & non-wired options. If you are not comfortable with underwired push-bra, then you can opt for a non-wired push-up bra. This bra comes with moulded cups to give you desired look without compromising comfort.
  • Lace Push-up bra: First choice for a new bride or a bride to be. It’s an essential part of wedding trousseau, as it adds sensuality to the whole look. 
  • Push-Up bra with plunging neckline: Some outfits have a deeper neckline, for all such outfits you need a plunge bra. When you want a prominent cleaving in any deep neck outfit you should go for a push-up bra with a plunging neckline.
  • Transparent Push-up bras: This will go perfectly well with your backless outfits. This bra comes with a transparent band on the back & a G-hook on the side. 

Tip of Buying a Push-up Bra

Designers & stylists recommend buying a cup size bigger than your usual one when getting a push-up bra. As the padding presses the breasts towards the centre, it might lead to spillage of breasts from the front if you get your normal size. 

Now that you have read & digested the entire bra guide of push-up bras, now I am sure you are much confident to wear one. But before picking a new glamorous push-up bra from our Clovia store, check your cup size if you are not sure. Even if you know, you should still take the Clovia Curve Fit Test because breast size gets changed every 6 months. 

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