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How to Style Yoga Pants in Every Outfit?

How to Style Yoga Pants in Every Outfit?

So yoga pants are undoubtedly the most comfortable pants one can wear at any time of the day. They just feel so comfortable that makes us want them to wear them every single time everywhere right? Well, then why not! Yoga pants along with being so comfy can also look really trendy when worn right. Bring the style and comfort balance in your outfit with these 5 outfit options.

1. Running Errands

Running ErrandsStepping out of your house requires you to change from your Pj’s to something more presentable right? But while doing so, don’t compromise on comfort. Get out of your Pj’s only to slip into a more comfortable option – yoga pants!
They work just great for short shopping sprees and for running errands. They are made out of a stretchable and comfortable fabric for a non-restricted movement. Just style a pair of yoga pants with hoddie and your favourite sneakers for a cool street style look.

2. Brunch with Buddies

Brunch with BuddiesNow there are times and people with whom you might feel the need to dress up and look sharp, and then you have your BFFs and buddies with whom you can just be casual chic. So for those brunch or coffee time with your friends, you can have your yoga pants on and still look stylish. Pair it with a solid crop top, ankle-length boots and a cool leather jacket to add some style.

3. Indian wear

Indian wearHey, I don’t mean sarees, I’m talking about the Kurtis. Sometimes it may get irritating to look for a matching comfortable option but you can always put on a good looking yoga pant that will also keep you free and comfortable. For causal meets, this can a quick option for you.

4. Office attires

Office attiresThis would be a close call and totally depends on how you pull it off. For all the office and formal occasions, you need to make sure the pants are of a solid shade that matches with your outfit and don’t have designs on them. You could wear those mini dresses and tunics to work with ease by pairing them with tights. If your yoga pants have some brand logo or design, draw away attention from it by wearing a coat or a blazer over it Wearing heels or suede boots make the entire outfit look a little more formal.

5. Beach time

Beach timeIf you’re someone who practices yoga, I’m sure your dream would be to performance once on a beach. The sound of the waves, the glittering sand and the sparkling sun, all call for a trendy outfit. Style your yoga pants with a matching sports bras while you perform the asanas and throw on a tank top while you take a stroll on the beach. Don’t forget lotion though.

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