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How To Keep Your Woolens As New As Day One?

With the official start of winter, here’s what you might be looking for. Yes, keeping all those wools as new as day one is really a daunting task. With just one wash they might lose the bounce & softness that you felt in the store while tying them out. And maintaining the shine after a few washes is near to impossible.

Don’t worry y’all! Today, I will share some tips and tricks to keep your woolens soft, cozy, and shiny as new all winter long. 

What Is The Correct Way To Wash Woolens?

Wool yarn is basically harvested from sheep. Likewise hair, it’s very delicate & soft and needs special care. Primarily made of keratin, they need special soap too. The below tips explain everything about washing woolens.

  • Always turn the clothes inside out, so that outer fibres are not directly in the line of action. Less friction leads to a smoother appearance.
  • Make sure to use a ph-neutral soap. Treat woolens like hair, and use a mild soap that makes them silky smooth. Abrasive soaps make woolen frizz & stiff, as a result, they don’t feel soft anymore. Many people use mild shampoo to wash their woolen. 
  • Never use hot water to wash your fav wools. Hot water alters the shape of the yarn permanently. Always use lukewarm water. 
  • Always soak them, this step helps them clean deeply with the least rubbing & thrashing. 
  • Yes, you will rub & throw them with your hands only to get rid of dirt & grime. Machine wash is not recommended.
  • If woolens have stubborn stains, use bar soap directly on them and gently rub the spot. 
  • Never use chlorine or oxygen bleach, it makes the yarn weak and woolens lose longevity.
  • Woolen clothes should be dried flat. Hanging them changes the shape. 

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Post Wash Care of Woolens

Washing & drying is done. Now comes maintenance & storage. After washing your woolen needs some grooming, to do that you can invest in a lint roller, fuzz remover, or cashmere brush. 

Bruising them after each wear makes them fresh, and gets rid of dirt accumulated between yarns. Also, it decreases the need to wash. 

After brushing out all the fuzz, now it’s time to store. Do not hang them in your wardrobe, this alters the pristine shape. Fold them nicely and stack them in your wardrobe. Do not keep anything heavy on top of the pile. 

Keeping woolens in shape for longer is such a task. But do keep in mind all the above-mentioned tips, your woolens will remain as new for a long time.

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