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How Often Should You Wash Your Bras in Winter?

Winter has officially started, and now people have already reduced their baths and washed their clothes. The very strong reasoning behind it is we don’t sweat in winter, hence clothes will do less. Is it proper for bras too?  

This question pops a lot in your mind “how often should I wash my bras in winter?”. Well, in winter, you don’t have to wash your bras every now & then but still, there are some bras that must be washed after each wear. Read on to find out how often you should wash your bras.

How To Determine If Your Bra Needs Wash?

The answer lies in factors of your activity level, occasion and temperature. Usually washing your bra after 3-4 wears in winter would do.

But if your activity level is more and that causes more sweating than usual. Then your wash cycle gets increased. Similarly, when there is no sweat at all, the wash cycle gets decreased. 

Some days you just wear a bra for 1 to 2 hours, on the other hand, some days you wear it all day long. So how do count wear?

Note: But they do need care. Again wearing the same for 3-4 days in a row is not recommended.  The reason being elastic gets stretched out and needs rest to get back to the previous position. Gap of a day or two would be best between the two wears. 

What Is Considered As One Wear?

Wearing a bra for just a couple of hours doesn’t really count as ‘wear’. A fancy bra you wear to dressy events can be laundered after 2-3 uses, but bras for gym, on the other hand, should be washed after every wear (for obvious reasons!)

How To Wash Your Bra The Right Way?

Do you know you are doing injustice with your bra, by throwing them in a washing machine? They are not meant to be machine-washed. Continuing this practice may lead to early wear out of the bra. 

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Your bras need more care than your bust, just kidding. The below steps will help you wash your delicate bras the correct way.

  • When it comes to bras, hand wash over machine wash is recommended.
  • Use mild detergent & lukewarm water to soak them pre-washing. 
  • Rub gently, in case of any stains.
  • Run them under clear water to wash away soap residues.
  • Don’t squeeze or tumble dry your bra; they might lose shape or the pad might get wrinkled.
  • Line them with a hanger under indirect sunlight for air drying.
  • After drying, stack them properly in your wardrobe.  

I hope with these tips are tricks you will take proper care of your bra. If your expensive lingerie got stained, here’s how you can get rid of them. Follow us for such awesome tips & tricks! 

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