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The Right Way to Take Care of Your Undies?

While it’s your outfits that get a lot of likes and compliments don’t you think your undergarments are superheroes. Your bra and panty are the basic foundation that makes you look like a perfectly sculpted structure. So taking care of them is very important! Do we have to take care of undies too? Is that really necessary? I know these questions popped right away in your head, but trust me you have to take care of them. I know till now you’ve been washing them with your regular clothes but that’s not the right way. This can lead to vaginal infections. Sounds scary right? Rather than suffering later, it’s better to take precautions now itself. In this blog I will mention a few tips on how to take care of your undies: 

  • Never bleach:

Never wash your undies in harsh chemicals such as bleach. Bleaching can cause chemically induced vulva irritations, infections and can also break down the materials in the underwear causing them to wear out soon and leading to skin irritations.

  • Use lingerie bags: 

Hand washing your undies is highly recommended but if you are pressed for time and have no other option but to use the washing machine, make sure to put them separately into a lingerie bag before you put them into the washing machine. Also, make sure to wash your undies with cold water. Hot or warm water can ruin the colour, quality of the fabric and its elasticity. When you dry, use the lowest setting. If you use high heat settings, it can ruin the elastic or spandex in your underwear. 

  • Separate undies by colour: 

You definitely don’t want to ruin that sexy white lace panty or nude panty so ladies if you want to put them safe, make sure to wash all those dark undies separately. 

  • Type of detergent: 

Now, this is very important! Most of us think it is not important but believe me, it is extremely important. The usual detergents we use for our regular clothes can be harsh on your pretty lace, floral and polka-dotted undies. Harsh detergents tend to break the fibres and elasticity very quickly. So go with mild and soft detergents, these help your undergarments to stay in the same shape. 

  • Store your panties properly: 

Yes, Washing is an important step, but so is storing! Lay your underwear flat in a drawer, so that they can be in great shape and have enough space to breathe.

  • Avoid drying in the machine:

Avoid using the dryer in your washing machine. Excessive squeezing motion will break down the fabric and cause damage to your pretty pieces. Instead, dry them in the sun but don’t expose them too much. Also, dry your delicate pieces in the shade to protect the colours. Make sure to dry them on a flat surface so they don’t lose their shape.

Now you know how to take care of all your pretty undies. These tips will definitely help you to take care of your panties! Read them carefully and don’t forget to share them with your loved ones too! And if you’re looking for some comfortable panties at some amazing prices don’t forget to check out Clovia! This site has amazing panties with great quality at amazing deals.



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