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How to Buy the Right Wedding Lingerie for Your Dress

How to Buy the Right Wedding Lingerie for Your Dress

Would you be surprised if I said that the wrong wedding lingerie can totally ruin the look of your gorgeous wedding outfit? I’m sure, every girl is excited to shop for her dream dress, we book appointments in lehenga stores to get the desired pick. Shopping for bras and undergarments might not be as worrying as finding your wedding dress, but don’t overlook the importance of these foundation pieces.

Stakes are high when it comes to bridal fashion; the last thing you want are any visible straps, lumps or lines. To help you find the right fit, we have got you some very important tips on how, when and what to buy.

When To Shop For Bridal Lingerie?

Lacy LingerieWe know how excited you are for your wedding, I mean who isn’t? Everyone wants it to be perfect on that one D-day. Booking appointments at the saloon, printing the wedding cards, shopping for jewellery, fixing a caterer, deciding on the decor and the most important one – fining a dream wedding dress. We would also recommend you to call the lingerie store and make an appointment. You should ideally shop for bridal lingerie once you’ve decided on your bridal outfits. Most stores will be happy to set aside time to devote to you and can be better prepared if they know in advance that you are coming. Well, it’s better if you can show the filter of your dress and it doesn’t have to mean that you bring the whole dress to the store, a picture can help. You should also keep in mind that last-minute weight changes can really affect the fit of your bra. Pay attention if you find yourself losing weight before the big day, and get refitted if necessary.

How To Shop: Bras

bridal braIf you fantasised about wearing those fancy laced bras for your wedding, then you might get those wedding vibes with the store’s bridal bra collection. But you might also regret picking a style that doesn’t match with your outfit.

First things first, check what kind of bra you need for your outfit. Bridal blouses and gowns that with typical neckline designs might help you pick the right bra style for your outfit.

Say if your dress has a wide neckline, we suggest you pick a balconette bra that has wide-set straps for no peeking straps. Or if you have a deep neckline go for a plunge bra.

When it comes to shopping bras for your bridal trousseau don’t just consider your bridal lehenga, think of all pre & post wedding outfits. A strapless bra for your off-shoulder Haldi dress, or a convertible bra for your honeymoon destination.

How To Shop: Underwear

bridal underwearWell if you think you can wear any basic underwear on your special day, then let me warn you, you might regret it later. It is very important for someone who’s going to wear a heavy voluminous dress to still worry about her undies. Try to wear something which is sweat absorbing, the last thing you want is your undies getting wet due to less room and sweat.

Also, if your choice is to wear a slim-fitted gorgeous white gown, boy you have to be more conscious about your undergarments. Slim-fitting dress or those made of a single layer or thin flimsy material often require underwear that lies flat and smooth. In 90 per cent of the cases, a bride could wear a seamless thong with no problems. Or opt for laser cut panties that promise no-visible panty lines in body-hugging outfits.

How To Shop: Nightwear

bridal nightwearBridal lingerie doesn’t stop at just bra & brief sets. The fun begins here! After the wedding ceremony ends you can’t be sleeping in a boring old tee & Pj’s right? A bride as pretty as you need luxurious looking nightwear. If you’re one adventurous bride, take your hubby by surprise with sheer babydoll & thong sets. This see-through nightwear style leaves nothing to the imagination and makes your intentions crystal clear. 😉

And if you’re someone who wants to play the ‘naughty & nice’ game then you could look for some silk or satin short nighties that come with a matching robe.



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