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Here’s How You Can Keep Your Bosoms Sweat & Odour Free

Sweat sweat sweat everywhere! Yes, we do love the warmth and clear skies but nothing can be as irritating, annoying and uncomfortable as sweaty boobs. Oh also don’t forget those nasty patches your boob sweat can make. Don’t worry miladies! We are here with some amazing tips to keep your bosoms sweat and odour free. So, let’s get started!

  • Say bye-bye to synthetic bras:

A lot of us buy synthetic bras. Bras that are made from materials like polyester and rayon are called synthetic bras. These bras don’t have the ability to absorb sweat. This means they entrap heat and prevent sweat from evaporating. This might lead to skin problems like itching, rashes and skin irritation. Sounds painful right? So let’s just avoid synthetic bras for this season!

  • Wear cotton bras:

We all know cotton is the only fabric that keeps you comfortable in any season. This wonderful fabric has the ability to absorb sweat and keep you dry all day long. As cotton is naturally breathable, heat or sweat won’t get trapped inside. You can stay comfortable throughout the day. 

  • Use bra liners:
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Bra liners are designed to wick moisture away from the skin and prevent skin rashes and irritation. Use cotton bra liners, as cotton bra liners have the ability to absorb sweat completely.

Pro tip: If you are out of bra liners you can even use nursing pads or panty liners!

  • Wear sports bras:

We already know that sports bras have the capacity to absorb sweat. That’s why we all wear it to the gym. These bras are designed to absorb sweat and keep you dry and comfortable all day long. So make sure that your sports bra is made from breathable, moisture-wicking fabric for effective usage. 

  • Use baby talcum powder:
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Yes, there’s a reason why we apply talcum powder on babies’ chests and bums.

Because wearing diapers regularly gives them irritation, sweat and rashes which is similar to under-boob sweat. Baby powder works great for preventing chafing, rashes and sweat. 

Pro tip: Apply Baby talcum powder under your breasts after your shower every day. It will absorb the sweat and keep you dry.

  • Use Argan oil:
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Using argan oil is proven to be one of the effective ways to prevent breast sweat. It has been known to be a bit of a magic solution. Pour a few drops on your boobs and massage them. They will no longer smell sweaty, get irritated by the heat, or leave any kind of marks.

  • Use baby wipes:

Keep a few baby wipes in your handbag and use them when you need to freshen up. Sweat usually smells bad when it mixes with the bacteria on your skin. So cleaning your skin should help.

Hope these tips helped you to keep your bosoms fresh and odour free. These tips are pretty simple so make sure to follow them and stay comfortable throughout the day!



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