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What Men Think About Lingerie

What Men Think About Lingerie

You’ve always wished to have the answer to this question, haven’t you? What is a man thinking when you walk into the bedroom with your brand new lace bra or a sexy chemise? Well, let me ease your curiosity. Follow me as we journey through the thoughts of the male brain and note this, contrary to popular opinion, all men are not the same. We men have a very limited thought sphere on matters like these but that doesn’t mean we don’t think at all. Let me give you a glimpse.

1. Smooth Fabrics

Smooth FabricsWhile you may love the feeling of a butter-soft satin or silk lingerie on your skin. He goes crazy looking at you dining a satin chemise that falls beautifully on your body and hugs all your curves in the right places. Hand-feel is another turn-on for men when it comes to sexy lingerie or bedroom outfits.

2. Lace is the craze

Lace is the crazeLacy stuff gives us a tease we cannot resist. It’s simple yet sexy, shows a lot but doesn’t give it all away. Boy! Women do like to mess with our minds. What better way to mess with his brains with a sexy lace bra-brief set in a matching shade.

3. Colours are important

Colours are importantColours are something that catches the eye first. Men love dark coloured lingerie; donning a black, navy blue or dark purple lingerie set will keep your mans’ eye fixed on you. Red might be a cliche for you but not for him. His eyes are attracted to bright shades too, try some neon shades or a bright cobalt blue or bright hues of pinks.

4. Sports bras are magnetic

Sports bras are magneticWomen in sports bras are another high. They attract the attention of every man in the room and it’s understandable, something so functional and sexy demands your complete attention. It also sends a message of how fit and adventurous a girl can be and yes that’s damn impressive personality.

5. Padded over Non-Padded

Padded over Non-PaddedPadded bras are more attractive to us than non-padded bras. They give out a youthful feel and make the vibe exciting. Non-padded bras just feel like to basic to ignite the spark. Also, men now know that padded bras add volume to the breast so don’t worry it won’t come as a surprise to them.

6. Bodysuits and layers are awesome

When a girl wears a bodysuit it’s really interesting for a guy to look at and comprehend. The mere sight of it excites us and we think that something special is going down today. Layers keep us wanting for more.

7. Less Is More

Less Is MoreYou can never go wrong in impressing your man with a cute little thong. Thongs are one lingerie piece that leaves very little to the imagination. There is something about this panty style that screams sexy. However, it’s not just any thong that men may like. We are talking about those pretty lace ones and not your basic white & nude thongs that you wear for no visible panty lines.

By having all these lingerie sets in your wardrobe, you can easily create a stylish look and impress your man. Just like with clothing, there is a wide variety of styles when it comes to lingerie. From lacy and feminine to sporty and tomboyish, there’s a style of lingerie out there for everyone. By having different types of lingerie, you can mix and match to create your own unique style.

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