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Fashion Forecast: Innerwear as Outerwear

We can all speculate and ponder over what life would be like as a celebrity. For one thing, we’d probably have all the money to buy lovely things that we want but don’t necessarily need. Second, we’d most likely have the paps following us all around as the thrill of fame pampers our ego manifold. But more importantly, as glitterati, we’d imagine that sometimes we could get away with absolutely anything while being called ‘trendy’.

And that, we believe, is exactly how the unabashed trend of ‘underwear as outerwear’ came into being. A host of celebrities – to the likes of Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Victoria Beckham and Beyonce – have been spotted embracing the trend.

Let’s have a look at our favourite stars don little more than just negligées as they strut about town:


Madonna stood her ground as a very feminine fashion icon in the 1980’s. So going back to where it all started, we recollect how her ‘Lie a Virgin’ music video got millions of fans emulating her look with pointy bras, leather jackets, lace gloves and vintage bustier.



Being somewhat of a trailblazer to this trend today, RiRi is seen here sporting a silk camisole with a denim jacket and comfy sneakers. The look is easy, laidback and chic at the same time. Post this, high street lingerie retailers witnessed sales of camisoles and nightgowns soar considerably as everyone opted for the sought-after look.


Miley Cyrus

The young and notorious ‘Queen of Shock’ donned a little more than a shiny pink bra and skirt set at the official release party of her album ‘Bangerz’ in NYC. The racy ensemble is essentially designed according to the lingerie inspired trend.


Lady Gaga

Going for the dominatrix chic look, Lady Gaga is seen here sporting a racy outfit consisting of a lace black bra, matching tight skirt and platform high heels. This look attempts to be edgy, yet somewhat sensual at the same time.




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