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Easy Ways to Keep Your Daily Lingerie Coordinated

Easy Ways to Keep Your Daily Lingerie Coordinated

For crying out loud: It’s nearly impossible to wear matching underwear on a daily basis. Yet the satisfaction of donning a well-coordinated daily lingerie under our clothes can help make the difference in our mood for the day and inspire us to feel more confident.

Well! Besides the ratchet fact of not being able to blissfully own this feel, there are still ways you can minimize the mismatched-ness in your wardrobe and stretch your lingerie further. Here are a few sassy tactics you can use to help alleviate some of the stress of coordinating your undies. After all, we wear this stuff closest to our bodies, and deserve to have them make us feel as comfortable and confident as possible each and every day.

Shop the set together

By far, this is the easiest way to solve the mismatching dilemma, but undoubtedly the most costly and time consuming one too. For each bra you purchase you can also buy multiple panties from the same group to ensure that you will always have a bottom to match. However, it is advisable to try everything on first and making sure that you feel comfortable in the panties as well as the bra before committing to multiple pairs of the same collection.

Mix and match

The top-selling colors in daily lingerie tend to be black, white, and nude. And if you happen to be a little adventurous you may also include other, bolder colors such as red, pink, and blue. These are great pieces to start with because they can easily be matched to each other simply by sharing the same hue. If you own mostly black bras, chances are you’ll have an easy time finding an array of black panties to your liking. Even if the fabrics are not consistent you’ll still look putting together and coordinated.

Play with colors

Utilize color in your favor to seek out pieces with matching trim colors. If your beige bra has a contrasting pink lace trim, finding a panty in a similar shade of pink offers a fitting alternative to the obvious beige panty, which is also a viable option. You can also look for popular color combinations like black and white. The ability to swap either color out for the other allows for more variety and creativity in your wardrobe.

Play with patterns

 If you own or purchase printed bottoms, then these can also be great compliments to a solid bra on top. Finding just one matching color in a pattern can set you up for a conscious pairing as long as the tones are close enough. For example, a natural-colored leopard print panty can easily compliment a brown-colored bra.

Play with prints

Tossing different prints together that have a similar underlying theme is a thing now. Simple prints like dots and stripes can look great with another print of similar proportions. . If you have a tropical-looking floral on bottom, why not mix it with a zebra print on top? Got a sporty striped bra? How about a pair of fun polka dot panties? This is a place to get creative and have fun with your look.

Be yourself

The pressure to coordinate your underwear doesn’t apply to everyone, and some may be just as happy wearing mismatched pieces. Whether for comfort, convenience or fun! Rules are made to be broken, and with lingerie being so personal and private, it is an appropriate and safe place to break those rules in any way you feel comfortable.

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