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Difference between Strapless Bras and Silicone Bras

Difference between Strapless Bras and Silicone Bras

Fashion struggles can be so real — like what undies are most comfy under a tight pair of jeans, which bra should go under which dress, or how exactly to wear a blanket scarf (still working on that one). Piled amongst these wardrobe issues is the infamous strapless bra vs. silicone bra dilemma.

So let’s start with the bra prevailing over a period of time, the strapless bra. They come in handy for times when we don’t want our straps peeking through, or we want to wear a strapless dress. They magically disappear under the dress. A strapless bra has a big to do list: It gives your assets a gentle lift, supports you, comforts you, and looks fabulous under your outfit. Given the condition, the right cup size is crucial for all these things to happen.


Rolling over to the other side of the coin is the silicone bra. Every wardrobe is desired to own a silicone bra, as it is functional for the low cut and backless dresses. It affords a way to cover issues with dressing while providing the support of a standard bra. The convenience with this type of bra is that it remains invisible even under skirmish attires making it one of the most sought bras for today’s fashion trends. The silicone bra abolishes the strap digging into our skin on the shoulders and back. This adhesive silicone bra is molded to fit the shape of one’s breasts in a more natural way while delivering more comfort and adequate support to your breasts.


We all know how backless trend is loved by most of the women. Women flaunt their well-shaped and flawless back in backless dresses/blouses/gowns to look sizzling hot and appealing. But before stepping out in backless outfit, you need to make sure that bra straps are not peeping through or hanging from the dress. The silicone bra is perfect for strapless/backless outfits. It features self-adhesive silicone for comfort & natural shape and front closure for lift & cleavage respectively. Due to its adhesive nature the silicone bra has a tendency to stick on to the body, contradicting to the strapless bra which often slip and slide around.

All in all the core point to remember is to know how to choose the apt bra for a particular event. Both silicone bra and strapless bra have their pro and cons, but their preferences differ according to the suitability of the event. Both of them are a perfect choice to be place in your wardrobe. You never know which in what case might rise as your knight in shining armor.

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