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Ideal Body Type for Hipster Panties

Everyone wants the best knickers, underwear, or panties (whatever you call them) in their undergarments drawer.  Like bras, underwear also comes in a range of styles and types. It will not at all be an exaggeration to say that the styles are limitless. Sure enough, some have become all-time favourites. One of the most popular underwear among women is hipster panties – that lie somewhere between boy shorts and bikinis. The popularity is for all the right reasons. Who wouldn’t want to have comfortable and stylish panties? 

The main reason behind the popularity of hipster panties is that they come in various varieties that fit different events and occasions, perfect for all types of clothing. 

As in bras, you need to know whether hipsters are the right fit for your body type. It might confuse you, but not anymore. Let’s dive into more details. 

Hipster Panties – Perfect For Every Body Shape

One of the best bits about hipster panties is that you cannot go wrong with them – no matter your body shape. 

  1. Round body type: Women with round shapes (aka the apple-shaped) can face many issues like continuous falling down or not getting enough coverage. 
    Hipster panties sit well with a round body shape. High-waist hipster types can offer full coverage to the stomach and waist area, with a seamless finish. They can lift your butts and give the perfect shape in body-hugging dresses. Also if your tummy area is fuller than your butt hipster panty makes sure to avoid a muffin top situation and gives you a bulge-free finish.
  2. A-type/ Pear body shape: Have wider hips and fuller thighs? You do not want to wear underwear that digs deeper into your thighs and leaves marks. Hipster panties can be a good fit here, offering the right comfort. Make sure you pick underwear with large leg holes so that you can stay comfortable all day long.
  3. Heart shape: Women with heart-shaped butts need a style that hugs the butt bottom, giving a flattering appearance. Along with boy shorts and briefs, seamless hipster panties are also a good fit for such a body shape.
  4. Inverted triangle shape: The shape of the hips narrows towards the bottom; thus, the name inverted triangle or V-shape. To make an illusion of a fuller butt-bottom, one should try low or mid-waist hipster panties.  
  5. Hourglass body type: Women with hourglass figures have defined curves. Boy shorts and hipster panties are suited the best for this body shape. Other types of underwear may be uncomfortable.

Hipster panties are inclusive and complement all types of bodies. Stay true to your size and you will find the best smooth, breathable, seamless, and comfortable underwear. 

How many choices are too many choices?

Many women may think that hipster underwear, because of the coverage and comfort they offer, might not be the sexiest option available out there. Think again. 

They offer styles you can put on anywhere and everywhere – whether it’s for a special occasion or daily wear. Let’s take a look at the choices one is presented with –

  • No panty-line hipsters: Want to put on your best body-hugging dress but dread visible panty lines (VPLs)? No worries. With the smooth edges of no panty-liner hipsters, there will be ZERO VPLs. They are a saviour with tight-fitted clothes.
  • Tummy tucker hipsters: These hipster underwear are specially designed to sculpt your waistline and make way for some extra compliments. 
  • Ace with some lace: Want to get away on a perfect weekend with your beau? Or just want to have a comfortable sexy time watching Netflix? Choose hipster panties with lace that offers the right pinch of snuggly and sexy look.

So, what are you waiting for? It is high time to upgrade your undergarments drawer with new options. Shop for hipster panties in sets from Clovia to get the best deals and save some bucks. 

Aparna Pal

Aparna Pal

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