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Best Summer Lingerie Fabrics to Keep You Cool

Best Summer Lingerie Fabrics to Keep You Cool

The lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are almost upon us. One way of making the season less crazy and your style focus less hazy is to put aside all the winter-ish clothing. It’s time to embrace the lightweight, breathable fabrics that will keep you chilled, but still sartorially fulfilled. Considering the fabric of your intimate apparel is even more important than with other clothing items, because these are the pieces that are going to be against your skin all day. Choosing the right summer lingerie fabric could mean the difference between sweating and suffering in 40 degree heat, or remaining comfortable and odour free.

To keep yourself comfortable in summer, choose intimate apparel in fabrics that are light, breathable and cool against your skin. See our favorite summer lingerie fabrics below:


There’s a reason why so many summer clothes are made in cotton. Cotton is known for being extremely breathable, absorbent and soft on skin. It naturally allows your skin to breathe and doesn’t trap heat the way other fabrics do. Cotton also doesn’t retain odours, making it ideal for wearing during hot days when you know you’re going to sweat.


Perhaps the most attractive benefit of cotton is that it doesn’t cling to the skin. This makes it very breathable and easy to wear – particularly during the hottest days of summer when the sun is the strongest. To keep as cool as possible in summer, you can’t go wrong with cotton panties, singlets and bras.


Summer blends comprise of these fabrics: cotton, polyester, spandex, nylon & rayon. They are known for detracting moisture (think: athletic wear), so they’re great in humid climates. Blended fabrics keep their shape & require little to no maintenance (like ironing!). They resist heat well, so you can wash and dry garments without worrying about damage or dreaded shrinkage. Machine washable = huge time-saver!

Summer Cool Fabric

Summer cool fabric is known for its maximum breathability; the coolest of the cool. It’s great for delicate, lightweight clothing that drapes ever very well. Owing to such features summer cool fabric is amongst the most preferred fabric for nightwear.


Here are the best suited summer lingerie styles for you:

Not So Basic Multiway

The multiway bra is a good investment. Truly perfect and will support you well under a backless bodice and halter tops.


Bombshell Bralette

Go in for a bra without lace and seams for a clean look under fitted sleeveless tops. If you’re a size A or B, look for stretch cotton bralettes – they resemble a cropped tank top with adjustable straps.

Clovia Bralette

Sizzling Plunge

When you are wearing a plunging or revealing neckline try a demi cup or plunge bra. This is designed to cover half of the bust with wide-set cups and provide good support with maximum exposure.

Naughty Nude

Flesh tones are great when sporting pastels or sheer materials like linen. Since white bras will be very obvious.

Naughty nude bra- Clovia
Sassy & Sporty

To deal with sweat, pair your summer attire with a moisture-wicking sports bra. These provide great support and the high-tech fabric will keep you a lot drier than most fashion bras.

Sports bra in blue and grey- Clovia

Sexy is Back

Consider racerback or cross back bras to wear with sleeveless tops and shells. You can rest assured that your bra straps won’t slip into view.

 Clovia racer back or cross back bras

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