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Best Body Wash for Every Skin

Body Wash for Every Skin

Who doesn’t cherish a long and loosening-up shower with a smooth body wash that foams up like a fantasy? Everybody does! Regular use of body wash moisturizes the skin and leaves a lingering freshness and fragrance that lasts all day long. When compared to soap, a body wash has a smoother and more hydrating formula that makes the skin supple, hydrated and soft.


Why Are Body Washes Better Than Soaps?

When it’s about body care, choosing the right cleanser is a must. Body washes are better than soaps because soaps can be harsh on the skin; it has a pH balance between 9 to 10. Also, it’s a hard substance that can strip off natural body oils. On the other side, body washes are milder and safer as it hydrates and nourishes the skin. Most body washes have essential oil as key ingredients that help in locking the moisture of the skin.


Do’s and Don’t While Using Body Wash

A few do’s and don’t you must remember before you step in for a pleasant and soothing shower experience.



  • Always apply a body wash with the help of a loofah; it is the best way to get a foamy lather. Just a dollop would be sufficient for each bath. A loofah helps in shedding off the dead skin on the surface of the body. It gently scrubs the dirt and grime without causing any harm to your skin. 
  • Scrub each area on a body properly for at least 15 seconds. As body washes work as an antibacterial agent, it’s suggested to rub body washes with the help of loofah on the skin for a good amount of seconds to eliminate all the germs before rinsing the body.


  • Avoid taking showers with hot water as it tends to make skin dry. Lukewarm and cold water baths are excellent, they don’t dry out your skin ,retain the natural oils and absorb the goodness of your body wash. 
  • Body washes are meant for the body and not for the face and intimate care. The skin here has a different pH level and is more sensitive when compared to the rest of the body. The face and intimate area are far more sensitive than the body and require special cleaning products.

Top 3 Body Washes


A healthier bath routine starts with a nourishing body wash. The distinctive sort of body washes helps to revive your skin and to hydrate your dried-out body. 


Body washes that are enriched with natural ingredients and have zero toxins, parabens or sulphates are the ideal pick for everyday use. Shower gels or body washes are something that you would use at least once or twice a day and it can be a deciding mood factor for you. Imagine showering with a highly energizing body wash to kick start a Monday morning and use a calming body wash to revive your body on a Saturday evening. Sounds like a blessing right?


Check out these 3 Best Body Wash by Clovia Botaniqa. They are made with the goodness of Ayurveda and are enriched with natural ingredients straight from mother nature’s lap to give you the best bathing experience ever.


Clovia Botaniqa Deep Hydrating Body Wash

A perfect body wash to hydrate the skin during the dryness of the winter, it helps in locking in the moisture of the skin. This body wash is advanced with natural concentrates like shea butter, papaya and moringa that leave your skin feeling hydrated and delicate. With regular use, the body wash will give your body smooth and nourished skin. It will remove all the dead skin. Shea butter here provides the body with softer skin and makes it feel hydrated. Papaya helps in removing dead skin and rejuvenates the skin, making it glow. Moringa reduces blemishes and evens out skin tone while making the skin look youthful. A perfect body wash to hydrate the skin during the harsh winters.


Clovia Botaniqa Unisex Energising Body Wash

Clovia Botaniqa unisex energizing body wash is the perfect way to kick start your mornings. It is enriched with natural concentrates like olive oil, argan oil, and vitamin C to empower and rejuvenate the skin. Its special ingredients make this body washes unique and toxin-free. It will hydrate your skin, remove scars, and improve collagen production. Olive oil softens and hydrates skin, causing you to feel stimulated. Argan oil lightens spots and flaws and makes your skin solid while vitamin C promotes collagen creation and improves skin texture. It’s a natural product that has a rich combination of oils and butters that your skin needs.


Clovia Botaniqa Calming Body Wash

Want to have a calm and relaxing bath after a long day at work? Indulge in the luxury of Clovia Botaniqa Calming Body Wash. It is advanced with natural concentrates like jojoba, aloe vera, and cucumber that help soften hard skin. It not only moisturizes your skin but restores damaged skin and improves complexion too. It has natural ingredients like jojoba to moisturize the skin, aloe vera, to heal scars and blemishes and cucumber to give you even-toned and hydrated skin.


These 3 products will make you look forward to your daily showers. Clovia Botaniqa products are all-natural causing zero harm to your skin. Having a nice shower is really important and with the right products, it can be amazing! It will not only boost your mood but will make your skin brighter and healthier. Get your hands on our fantastic range of body washes exclusively for all skin types


Self Pamper Tip:

Everybody deserves an excellent relaxing pampering session once in a while. A good shower can help relax and calm the mind and soul and take away all worries & stress of modern life’s hustle-bustle. 

Here is a little tip for a nice relaxing shower – 

Put lovely scented candles around the corner of your washroom, use some essential oils in your bathtub and make it more like a nice bubble bath. Play pleasant music of your choice, get yourself a favourite book or magazine to read. And get a glass of wine; it will be a cherry on the cake.



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