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How To Do Body Polishing At Home?

Who doesn’t want a celebrity-like glow on their body? Everyone. But to get that you don’t have to visit any expensive salon. Now you can get that glow at your home with three easy steps. Don’t worry, no DIYs are included here. You can do body polishing at home with Skivia’s newest Cocoalicious body care range. It specifically meets all your needs to get that celebrity-like glow. Even the products are very affordable and very easy to use. So let’s talk about the products & process of body polishing. 

What Is Body Polishing?

It’s a process of exfoliating the entire body using exfoliating products. The process removes 

dead skin cells, promotes cell regeneration, and moisturizes the skin. This skin rejuvenation treatment is offered in spas & beauty salons. It’s a nice way of pampering your skin and 

The process includes 3 easy steps: cleansing, exfoliating & moisturizing.

Now let’s have a look at products for body polishing.

Skivia Cocoalicious Body Wash

This is a very gentle body wash, it’s power packed with the goodness of cocoa seed butter, coffee seed extract and aloe vera extract. It hydrates & retains moisture in the skin to keep away dryness & helps shield it from free radical damage. Natural caffeine is filled with antioxidants & anti-inflammatory properties that provide a soothing & refreshing experience to the skin. Aloe vera extract contains anti-bacterial & anti-ageing properties. Helps soothe the skin & keeps it hydrated.

Skivia Cocoalicious Body Scrub 

It is packed with the goodness of cocoa seed butter & natural caffeine to create a luxurious skin-pampering experience for you. Natural exfoliating agents like sugar & walnut gently remove dead skin & impurities, providing smooth & radiant skin. Rich in fatty acids, cocoa seed butter deeply hydrates the skin. Natural caffeine refreshes the skin & shields it from damage. Cocoa is a powerhouse of antioxidants that restores a youthful appearance to the skin. Doesn’t strip natural oil off the skin while providing a radiant glow. May reduce the appearance of cellulite and  has detoxifying & de-tanning properties. 

Skivia Cocoalicious Body Oil

It is infused with moisturizing cocoa seed butter & natural caffeine. It prevents moisture loss & helps maintain the skin’s elasticity. It reduces the appearance of cellulite. It adds an instant glow to your skin & leaves it feeling soft & satiny smooth. Cocoa seed butter hydrates & nourishes the skin deeply. It helps improve skin elasticity and reverse skin damage. Almond oil has potent anti-inflammatory properties. It locks moisture into the skin and helps improve complexion & skin tone.

How To Do Body Polishing At Home?

As we mentioned above, this is a three step process. Let’s understand each of them.

  1. In step one, you need to cleanse your body with lukewarm water and a mild cleanser or body wash. 
  2. In step two, you mildly exfoliate the dead skin & impurities from your body. This process includes a mild body scrub made with natural granules like sugar, coffee or other. The body is massaged in a circular motion with gentle strokes. This boosts blood circulation and deeply cleanses the skin while hydrating it.
  3. In step three, the moisture is locked with body oil or moisturizer. This boosts the glow in the skin leaving it irresistibly soft & supple. 

Benefits of Body Polishing

If you have not taken any body polishing treatment this is what you can expect.

  1. The very first thing that you will notice is a visible difference in your skin texture.
  2. Your entire body will feel smooth and your skin will glow.
  3. If you have tan the appearance will significantly decrease after a few iterations.
  4. If you have body acne that will gradually improve.
  5. Some people say that it helps with cellulite.
  6. Since it unclogs pores, it helps prevent body acne.
  7. Some ingredients that are used during the process have age defying properties hence your overall skin texture improves with time.

In short, body polishing is a very effective & amazing treatment for your skin. Take one for you and get more comfortable in your own skin.

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