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Holi Checklist of Essential Bodycare Steps

This is it, the time has come, everyone! The diverse nature of our country with festivals uniting humans on the grounds of happy emotions is a time of celebration. Fascinating, isn’t it? Holi especially has a charm filled with colours and joyous waves of laughter. What may seem like an occasion of festivity is actually a concern when it comes to hair & skin. Not to side with the fact that yes, Holi is one festival leading towards skin damage but oh what fun it is to not scream Holi Hai and actually not care about anything other than that.

Well, we don’t like seeing you suffer the consequence of your action and regret it later. Let’s find the middle ground, and what can be it? Hmm, think before & after solutions for a fun-filled Holi celebration. The extra steps might be daunting but altogether necessary. 

Oiling Before 

It is mandatory to apply oil to your body and hair. Why, you ask? Well, the gulal or maybe harmful colour rinses off quickly. Applying almond oil might benefit your skin as it’ll act as a barrier and moisturize the skin while protecting it. Here’s another reason, your skin won’t stain after applying oil. When it comes to hair, oiling or perhaps massaging your scalp to the length with coconut oil will hydrate and prevent your hair from getting damaged.


Rinse off the colour with a gentle body wash that doesn’t deplete your skin. Shower as per usual cause’ the oiling before will help you easily clean off the colour, without any hassle. 

Hair Needs Attention Too

You know the deal, your strand might be in a fragile state after your Holi extravaganza. But hey, you still have time to make up for the damage. Wash your hair like you usually do and then leave the conditioner for a little bit longer. The oiling before has prevented the damage but there’s no harm in providing extra nourishment to your hair. 

Extra Care? 

Go the extra mile and say yes to face masks. Your skin has been through a journey, let’s calm it down with a hydrating face mask. Believe us, after Holi skincare is incomplete without a face mask. 

Moisturizing After

We are rooting for you & your skin thanks for being extra cautious. Now that you are all fresh, provide the necessary nutrients to your skin. Bring your skin back to life by nourishing your body with shea butter moisturizer for thorough hydration. 

For your face, start with the serum of your choice. Top your serum with a light coat of face cream to lock in the goodness. Hyaluronic acid serum might come in handy considering it provides the necessary hydration to the skin, leaving it bouncy and rejuvenated. 

Skivia is on-duty mode with a range of skincare and haircare products. Your skin & hair will appreciate the natural products formulated with the goodness of Ayurveda. Your checklist is sorted and so are the products, Skivia has everything you need in the purest and most natural form. The products are free from parabens, sulphates, toxins and harmful chemicals, making them best suitable for everyone. 

Let the festivity bring out the happiest side in you without compromising your hair and skin. Now that you are covered with a to-do list, what’s left is to enjoy it to the fullest. Break your pattern of ignoring your skin needs and take a step towards treating your skin and hair with love. Do us a favour and please play Holi with care!

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