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Awesome Lingerie Stacking Hacks To Make Every Girl’s Life Easy!

Lingerie tops the list of the most tedious things women have to deal with on a very regular basis in life. Right up there with menstrual cramps and getting waxed. But what if there was a list of things you could do to make your journey with the unavoidable garment pieces devised by mankind way, way smoother? Yes! It’s the amazing lingerie stacking hacks we’re talking about.

Lingerie comes in all shapes and sizes though inevitably we find ourselves in situations wearing the wrong shape and size. Being organized doesn’t really have to complicated or difficult. In order to combat all your lingerie woes, we’ve listed out our top lingerie stacking hacks to help make your life a little bit easier.  In these 3 easy and fun ways we show you how to keep your lingerie organized, pretty and accessible with the following awesome lingerie stacking hacks.

Just Hanging Out!

Have you been randomly shoving your bras in the lingerie drawer? Hold on, do you realize that they could be ruining the shape of your bra besties? Well, here’s a brilliant way to store your pretty underwired bras without tampering its shape. Hang them on a hanger with the centre gore sitting on the hanger rod and cups hanging down. This will retain the shape of the cups as well as the underwires.

Watch Me Roll!

This is a great travelling hack that lets you save space while packing your clothes. Follow these easy steps and roll your panties in a cute & compact way. So now discreetly carrying a pair of knickers in your handbag comes easy! 😉

Out of the Box!

Here’s a quick DIY to make life easier! Replace those tissues from your tissue box with panties, and voila! Every time you take a shower this box gives you an easy & pretty access to your panties. Just follow these easy steps on how to store your panties.

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