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A Beginner’s Guide to 6 Major Styles of Yoga

A Beginner’s Guide to 6 Major Styles of Yoga

You’ve finally made up your mind to work on your mental and physical health. Maybe, this is why you’re planning to inculcate one of the healthiest practices, yoga, to enhance your overall well being. While it is an ancient practice, it still turns out to be the most fruitful when it comes to reducing stress, improving flexibility and also losing a few pounds in the process. So, now that you’ve a little backdrop, it’s time you dwell straight into the 6 major styles of yoga you can begin with.


Originating from the Sanskrit word, hatha is a yoga style that reflects positivity. The main motive of this exercise is to relax and calm your mind, spirit and body. It involves numerous slow paced exercises, such as balancing, bending, squeezing, and twisting of the body. It helps strengthen your core, increases your bone density to make you less prone to fractures, boosts your immunity and also burns a few calories. Plus, if you’re a skin care freak, it is a wonder trick as it helps keep skin soft, glowing, and supple.

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This is definitely one of the most challenging yoga styles where you can literally feel your heart racing and muscles pumping. However, not giving up can reap you some incredible benefits. Here, the main idea is to focus on every breath as you change postures from one to another. This style helps you build lean muscles, improves your range of motion, increases resistance, and enhances your cardiovascular health. Since the moves are super intense, it also boosts blood circulation throughout the body.


It is a modern version of hatha yoga that provides you the best of three worlds- breathing exercises, philosophy and asanas. It concentrates on connecting all the three aspects in a mindful manner to ensure optimal health and balance. There are 250+ poses you can practice to inculcate intelligent awareness both in terms of body and mind. Practicing it on a regular basis can help you live a hassle free and happier lifestyle with less worries.


Heal your body and soul with Iyengar yoga. It mainly focuses on the right alignment with high emphasis on detail and precision during asanas and breath control. Most of the postures involve long holds to help you work on strength, awareness, flexibility and stability. This style not only works on your bigger muscles, but also the smaller ones since it works on the entire body as a whole. When combined with therapy, it can also help avoid mental health issues, like depression, anxiety and migraine.


This yoga goes by the rule of 5 Ms- music, movement, mudras, mantra, and meditation. Each movement targets a particular benefit to channel energy and develop your inner guidance. It helps activate the power of your subconscious mind, divert your mind to positive energy and let go of the negative one, make a deeper connection with your inner self, and reduce stress. Another major benefit of this yoga is it lets you gain a greater control over your emotions and thoughts to achieve mental peace.


Very similar to vinyasa, ashtanga is one such yoga style where you move according to your breath. It is super challenging too which means you have to have a lot of endurance, strength, and stamina. The major difference between the two asanas is this one demands practicing the same posture over the course of time. It boosts your physical strength to make your body stronger, flexible, and toned. When it comes to emotional well being, it balances your feelings and emotions, so you can deal sanely with whatever curveballs life throws at you.

Now that you know how to get started, it’s time to adopt yoga in your lifestyle right away. And don’t forget to wear the right yoga clothes to enhance your performance and avoid any hindrance. Dedication and consistency is sure to pave the path to a happier and healthier life, both mentally and physically.

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