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A Camisole or Chemise: Which Is Hot?

Which Is Sexier – A Camisole or Chemise

Luxury satin chemise and comfy cotton camisole tops, both have become a must-have for fashionistas in 2019. Camisole adds comfort & versatility to your wardrobe whereas a chemise adds a sexy sultry charm. So, let’s see which style if hotter, a camisole or a chemise.

A chemise and camisole both may look a bit similar but the only thing in common is that both spaghetti straps and soft fabrics. They are both available in fabrics like satin, silk & cotton, your usage may depend on the occasion.


What is Chemise?

ChemiseA chemise is longer in length compared to a camisole. It has spaghetti straps with a round or a V-neckline. A lot of chemises have lace and other exquisite fabrics used for embellishments. In olden days it was worn under dresses so that the dress does not get directly in touch with the skin so that the oils and sweat do not stain the dress. However, in modern times these chemises are worn as an underdress as well as sleep dress. Thanks to the concept of sleeping in comfy yet pretty clothes that made chemise a popular nightwear option.


What is Camisole?


Camisoles are shorter in length as compared to a chemise, they extend till the waistline. These slinky under tops are designed with spaghetti straps. Sometimes its neckline can plunge low in a cleavage-bearing style or could be a regular round neckline. But you will also find camisole crop tops which actually look sexy when paired with high waist jeans. These camisoles work great for layering under shirts or jackets, they are also great as night slips with shorts.

Camisoles are considered very versatile and fashionable.  Apart from being multipurpose, they are very comfortable to slip in for a day out running errands or day in chilling at home. These days camisoles can be found both in clothing and lingerie selections in retail stores and web stores. Usually, the ones found under the clothing section are more fancy with prints, colours and premium fabrics like satin and silk. And the ones under the lingerie section are often designed to give a snug -fit especially when it’s made from cotton stretch fabric and has a built-in bra.

The question is what looks hotter a camisole or a chemise?

Well, these days girls don’t just limit their camis as an undergarment, they style a satin cami for casual outings or even date nights. Paired with high waist jeans or pleated skirt one can surely make a style statement in those pretty little camis. Even the cotton camis are so versatile that they work absolutely great as an innerwear as well as outerwear, be it for a day out shopping groceries or a weekend staycation.

On the other hand, a chemise is sexy nightwear styles that more than often needs to be restricted to the bedroom. This style is considered sultry enough to make a man go weak in the knees. It is definitely a hotter style than a regular camisole.

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