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9 Most Comfortable Bras To Wear With Your Anarkali Suits


Unless you are living under a rock, you know by now quite clearly that it is a festive cum wedding season. And this basically calls for endless family gatherings and tons and tons of house hopping. From friends to the first family, to far off relatives, it’s pretty much that time of the year where your traditional outfits are made the most use of! While lehengas and saree are always an option there is nothing quite like an anarkali suit.

These twirl-worthy long anarkali suits pretty much take center stage during these months. Well, the reason is pretty obvious; while we all love our heavy lehengas, donning a cotton anarkali kurta is a beautiful blend of comfort and style. Plus, there are plenty of anarkali dress designs readily available in the market. Stress free and uber-chic, anarkali kurtis are pretty much a celeb favorite trend, as well.

Now, as you get ready to strut your style in these easy-breezy designer anarkali suits, it’s time you paid attention to another very important detail, as well. Enter: Comfortable bras!

Yes, even the most expensive designer anarkali suit can look and feel out of place if not for the right well-fitted and comfortable bra. If you are busy wondering what bra to don under your fashionable long anarkalis, here’s a quick list of all the bras you need to splurge on, pronto!

1.Comforting Cotton

Cotton Anarkali Suit

Let us just accept it, there is nothing more comfortable than a seamless cotton bra. From padding to non-padding, underwire to non-wired, cotton bras are available in every possible way, promising to suit each and everyone’s taste. Besides the various designs, full cup cotton bras provide maximum coverage & support to your breasts, avoiding any breast spillage under those figure-hugging cotton anarkali kurtis.

2.Sassy Strapless Bras

Strapless anarkali suit

This one is for all those ladies who love their boat necks, more like wide-neck anarkali kurtis. Showing off your bra straps is major No! No! After all, you don’t want your ethereal designer anarkali suits to lose their charm. This situation calls for a major S.O.S in the form of strapless bras. Not only do they ensure there aren’t any bra strap peek-a-boos but also your breasts feel supported and uplifted under your heavy long kurti suits.

3.Halter Bras To The Rescue

Halter anarkali suit

We all love our halter neckline anarkali dresses, don’t we? Not only does it give it a Victorian era touch, but also ensures you slay through fashionably. While you may be all gung-ho to don your favorite halter neckline long suits, it’s time you pull out the big guns from your lingerie closet and don them underneath your beautiful flowy dresses. A halter bra gives you pretty much the same comfort of a normal bra, while ensuring your bra straps are nowhere visible to the naked eye.

4.The Adhesive Test

Backless anarkali suit

Can’t live without your backless blouses? Be it your sarees or your long anarkali kurtis, going backless is never not an option. If you are nodding across the screen, then it is time you put your silicone bras to use. These stick on silicons ensure your boobs feel uplifted while making sure there aren’t any headllight mishaps. With a ton of silicone bras available online and in the market, going backless got so much more stress-free.

5. The Plunge Bra

Plunge anarkali suit

Flaunting your envy-inducing curves through deep necklines has become the latest new fad to hit B-town. And it is only appropriate that we follow suit! After all, it is all about flaunting ‘em curves, isnt it? So, go ahead, pick your favorite anarkali dress with a plunging neckline and don them above your must-have plunge bras. From providing much-needed support to lifting your breasts, to making sure they look more rounder and firmer underneath your deep neck anarkali suits; these bras are your MVP’s.

7.The Multiway Effect

Giving your anarkali suits a luxe inner upgrade is the racerback bras. From cold shoulders to off-shoulders, these multi-way bras pretty much adapt to any kind of neck design. Not only are the straps detachable and can be used to style in tons of different ways, depending on your anaraki long kurti, but these multi way bras also ensure your breasts feel supported at all times.

8.Push Up Bras

Here’s getting you a bra that will hold your girls under all those heavily embellished anarkali kurtis. The last thing you need is your breasts to sag cause of all the excessive weight. These push up bras, push your bosoms when they need it the most, ensuring your girls look lifted even under immense pressure.

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9.Molded Bras

Moulded Bras

A molded cotton bra in your lingerie closet is a definite must-have. If you have got
yourself a fit and flare anarkali suit stitched for yourself, moulded bras will forever be to your rescue. Not only do they make sure that your chest area looks fuller and rounder but they also provide full coverage to avoid any kind of spillage, thus ensuring your expensive designer anarkali suits to lose their beautiful charm because of an ill-fitted bra selection.


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