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7 Mind-Blowing Bra Hacks

Finding the perfect bra is sure a boon and it’s even more heavenly when they perfectly go with our choice of outerwear. But, it’s not the case everytime, is it? Number of times we have to face peeking straps or embarrassing nipple-show is too high. So, we bring you some simple & fun BRA HACKS to help you make the most of these bra besties and get over such situations easily.

What are some of the most useful bra hacks?

1. Embarrassed of the headlight effect?
Pasties for no nipple-show

Use pasties or silicon cups with non-padded bras to avoid embarrassing headlight effect.

2. Don’t like straps showing?

Converter rings for no strap-peeks
Pull both the straps towards the centre and place a convertor ring. This would make your straps seem like a racerback one and make it an ideal pick for tank tops.

3. Can’t hook your bra?

Bra extenders for bigger band
At times the cups fit you perfectly but the band is tight.  Seems like you can’t wear the bra any longer. But wait, try attaching an extender panel to your hooks. This probably might  loosen up the band and make it fit you fine.

4. Straps playing peek-a-boo?

Bra strap holder
Not everyone is comfortable showing off our straps. But what you can do is sew a strap holder under your tops to ensure nothing peeks out.

5. Don’t have the right bra for a backless dress?

Low back bra converter

You can wear your favourite bra and convert it into a low back with a converter belt.

6. How to carry bras while travelling?

Bra cases

Almost everytime you pack your padded beauties in a suitcase, the shape gets deformed. Right? Here’s a quick hack. Use lingerie bags or cup cases to keep your bras in shape.

7. Hand-Wash or Machine-Wash?

Handwash bras
Most of us are so lazy that we just throw our lingerie in the washing machine. As a result, they get entangled, ruined and discoloured. Due to harsh detergent also these delicate pieces loose their strength. It is always advised to handwash brassieres to maintain their shape & grace for longer.

7. Wearing the most comfy bras for days together?

Wear bras in rotation
I understand we have a tendency of wearing our favourites everyday. Like your fav black jeans, pretty opposite is our lingerie. Wearing brassiere in rotation can result in deteriorated quality.  It can consequently seem to look overuses or faded.


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