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5 Times Padded Bra Will Be Your Complete Life Saviour

When it comes to lingerie, misconceptions and concerns are endless. Right from buying that first bra to being hesitant about trying shapewear, girls usually feel confused and often end up missing on something life-changing. It won’t be wrong to say that a padded bra has been under this category for a very long time. What’s surprising is that even today ladies are missing out on numerous padded bra advantages. Here we will not only bust many such myths about this wonder bra but also tell you how it can come handy in many situations.

Plunge Bra

Pump-Up The Volume

Frankly, the added volume feature of a padded bra is nothing new. It’s what originally a padded bra was intended for. But it doesn’t mean that only girls with smaller breast size can use this advantage. Adding a little oomph can be beneficial in taking the grace of a look to another level. While small breasted girls enjoy added volume to flaunt some more, girls with medium or bigger size breasts can also use the volume to add a definition to their cocktail looks or ethnic wear.

5 Times Padded Bra Will Be Your Complete Life Saviour

Shape of You

A non-padded bra no matter how gorgeous or comfy it is, cannot define the shape of your silhouette. On the other hand, the stiff exteriors of a padded bra allow it to give your silhouette a smooth and flattering shape. If you are on the heavier side then try a lower level of padding to only enjoy the padded contouring without making your look bulkier.

Balconette Bra

No-Show Wonder

We all know the pain of nipple-show – untimely, unwanted and embarrassing. There is no definite time, whether or dress that can ensure us, no-show. But with padded bras, you will be sorted. The foam between the cups of padded bras acts as a great concealer saving you from nipple show. A little padding is also heavenly for lactating moms in public as they are capable of taking care of mild secretions without giving you away.

5 Times Padded Bra Will Be Your Complete Life Saviour

No More Mood Swings

Breasts have a mind of their own and they often swing in directions that can become embarrassing for us. Here’s where padded bras come to rescue. Padded bras provide additional support to your breasts, holding them firmly. This avoids the additional breast jiggling and keeps your looks intact whether you are dancing your heart out or getting hot and heavy during a badminton game.

It’s hard to agree with the fact that looks don’t matter. Just like you complement your sexy, romantic or comfy mood with the right outerwear, right looks of your lingerie can also make your special moments more memorable. Most of the padded bra online offers a natural sheen and grace, carrying a luxurious touch & feel to it. So, it’s not just worth flaunting under your clothes but outside it too.  He will definitely swoon over the bold and plush looks of your padded bra online collection.


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