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Poor-Fitting Bras Can Cause Back Pain

Poor-Fitting Bras Can Cause Back Pain

We all know how wearing the right bra for your shape and size can make a world of difference to your outfit and your confidence. But factually, so many women wear the wrong size bra (especially if they wear a larger cup size). The worst part being, without understanding the damage it can cause to their body.

While the precise location of your breasts does not cause back pain. Sagging breasts do have a high correlation with back and shoulder pain. Wearing a non-supportive bra leads to poor posture and weak back muscles. It makes the breasts to seem more saggy and add up to pain in the back. If you’re wearing the wrong bra size, you might feel uncomfortable. That niggling feeling at your back, on the straps, or in between the cups.

Is your bra isn’t doing its job?  The bra is designed to support your breast, your back, neck and shoulder. Thus any stress on the bra can cause strain on your muscles. Which in turn leads to stress on the neck, shoulder and back. This dramatically affects your posture.The cups of your bra should be surrounding and comfortably sheathing both of your breasts. If not,  it can lead to serious and irreversible damage to the breast tissue.  Not only does this lead to sagging, but also causes pain across your chest area. Are your cups are too large, or the band too tight? If yes, then you must change then as soon as possible. The under wire in this case can dig in which can source an uncomfortable sensation and skin irritation.

Fortunately, there are numerous remedies that can bring relief to your situation:

  1. As the shape and size of breasts changes ­constantly. Recheck the size of the bras half yearly.
  2. Stand before the mirror and look for the signs of wrong size bra. Which may be pinching, pulling and sagging.
  3. Check your wire placing. bend frontward to check whether the wires are under the bust.
  4. The centre of the bra ought to sit between the breasts.
  5. The band needs to support the breasts’ weight in the mid to lower back. If the bra is on the upper side of the back a smaller back size bra must be taken.
  6. Is your bra digging at the arm pits or giving you red marks ? If yes, try switching over to a bigger cup is needed. If the shoulders are becoming sore a padded bra or broad straps will help.
  7. The size of the breasts varies subjected to the time of the month. Hence, a bra that has a stretchable cloth must be considered in use.
  8. If the breasts sag it is advisable to shorten the straps. You can also select a more supportive type of bra with less stretchy material.

Remember! Your bra is exactly like your best friend. It will fit you correctly, lift up your bust and improve your posture. More importantly, it will make you look slimmer and support you (care free and pain free).

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