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5 Shades of Nude


Shopping for so-called “nude” items has long been a source of incredible frustration. Most items labeled nude are in fact a specific kind of peachy light beige, aka the skin color of some white people. We’re mixed-race, so this tone doesn’t work for the majority of the humans on this planet.

One nude? So rude

The right shade of nude sometimes feels like the unicorns of the lingerie world, and what’s on offer can be frustratingly limited. Contrary to most of the options on offer, not everyone is beige.

Clovia’s skin tone names are dedicated to sweets that have impacted our moods all through the years. In some way, they have made us stronger, visible and passionate. Taste the sweetness of your being by choosing your closest matching tone. These gorgeous nude panties are a godsend for golden to deep beauties desperately searching for undies that’ll seamlessly blend into the skin.


Extra-extra creamy, to suit paler complexions no matter what race!


More parts cream than, honey is our shade for sweet fair ladies.


Caramel is our medium-light shade. The name conjures up images of all sorts of sweet, golden goodness, and this colour is just as irresistible.


A little bit sweet and little bit spicy, Mocha is our medium-dark shade.

Bon Bon

Smell the coffee and see yourself in this rich alluring tone. To suit complexions, coffee with no milk.

Finding the right flesh toned panty may require a little more digging through racks of peach and beige, but it is possible to track down the true nudes. Remember, whether you’re darker, browner, lighter, or anywhere in between, there is a nude that works just for you.

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