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5 Lingerie-Related Things To Do During Quarantine

If you’re all freaked out and anxious because of the coronavirus news, let me first request you to keep calm. You’re not alone; we are all feeling the same way. Checking up on the latest news, WhatsApp forwards and an increasing number of cases will naturally make us all feel this way. But unfortunately, this paranoia is not going to help us, what’s going to help us is staying at home and staying safe.  So while you’re technically grounded for a while, don’t let the quarantine period drive you crazy! Keep your cool and distract yourself with these 5 lingerie-related tasks that you wouldn’t do otherwise.


1. Throw Away Bras That Don’t Fit 

I know it’s not easy for us women to let go of our old clothes. We keep saving stuff for a particular occasion or we keep hoping that it would fit us someday.  But trust me it’s not the same with bras, your bras come with an expiry date and if that’s been crossed you need to discard your besties. It’s a good time to try each one of them and check if they still fit you perfectly well, neither too loose nor too tight.


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2. Discard Old Panties

Girls, let’s accept it now we’re all guilty of keeping those super-old undies that have now lost its elastic or even has a hole or two. I agree they are super-comfy but girl you need to invest in some new stylish panties to keep up with the #underfashion game. Well-fitted lingerie is the foundation for your outfits. Imagine wearing a loose panty under your bodycon dress, I can already see those unsightly gathers bunching up. Make use of the quarantine time and browse our latest collection of cute panties.


3. Readjust The Straps

A lot of women totally miss out on this after buying the bra. If your bra was fitting you well for the first couple of months and lately you’ve noticed the straps falling off your shoulder you should consider fixing your straps. The bra straps tend to lose their elasticity over multiple washes & wears, readjusting the bra straps can make them fit you just the way they did on the first day.


4. Hand-Wash 

Most of us have been tossing our bras into the washing machine for a long time. This shortens the life span of your favourite bras since they are too delicate to handle the tumbling of the machine. It spoils the shape of your bra cups and the wires are more likely to poke out of your bra. All you need to do is soak your bras in a sink filled with cold water mixed with some mild detergent and rinse it after 20 minutes. Make sure you gently squeeze out the water and lay them flat to dry.


5. Store Bras Correctly

If you still don’t have proper storage for your intimates, this is a good time to do some DIY. If you don’t have enough space in your wardrobe to dedicate a special drawer for your bras then just place them on hangers. This way you can make sure the bra shape is intact and you get better access to all your bras. 😉 No wearing the same bra for 3 days in a row.

Hope these lingerie tasks help you kill the time during the quarantine period in a productive way and make your lingerie life a tad bit easier and organized.


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