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5 Best Ways To Store And Organize Your Bra

5 Best Ways To Store And Organize Your Bra

You know that one drawer full of crumpled up clothing. That is some kind of combination of mateless socks, wrinkled underwear, and misshapen bras that are costing you more time and money in the long run.

Just because they’re your unmentionables doesn’t mean that you can’t showcase them in a way that benefits your space. While you invest in expensive but quality bras, it’s also important to ensure proper storage to ensure you’ll be able to make the most of your investment. If are you in desperate need of a bra drawer organization and you like to be an organized woman, then this post is for you.

It’s a tangle, it’s a mess and it’s half of a miracle if you can find what you want in time. No need to worry. If you want a drawer that looks like this, look no further. We’ve got the best products and tools to keep your bra drawer looking great!

To bring order to your favorite intimates, here are the five methods for storing bras:

1. Lingerie Drawer

Line your bras in a row in your drawer. This is an especially good way to store your bras if you’re shy on space but like everything within reach.

2. Fold Sports Bras

Rather than toss your sports bras into a disorganized drawer or cubby, show your hardest-working lingerie some love by neatly rolling or folding each piece. These can then be stored in a simple drawer organizer.

3. Use Shower-Curtain Rings

For this method, grab a box of shower-curtain rings and attach them to a single, sturdy closet hanger. Next, clip each shower curtain ring around the center of an individual bra. Avoid hanging bras by a single strap, as this can cause stretching and unevenness over time.

4. Imitate Your Favorite Lingerie Shop

For those with space to spare, hanging your bras from individual hangers is a smart way to store your favorite intimates. Since lingerie items tend to take up minimal space, you might even consider using a separate cabinet with a horizontal bar inside to hang your favorite bras and underwear in sets.

5. Create a Bra Rack

Using a series of closet hangers (velveteen or fabric-covered tend to work best), link the hangers in a vertical chain on the back of your closet door. Next, hang one bra from each of the hangers (facing forward) to keep each piece visible and in shape.




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