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Work-From-Home Cotton Essentials

Work-From-Home Cotton Essentials

Now that, working from home is the new trend we all are finding ways to feel comfortable and cool in whatever we wear at home. When talking about comfortable clothes in summers we definitely have to mention cotton essentials! The first and foremost rule of working from home is to be comfortable. Well, this is the perfect time to lounge in your cosy, comfy and breezy cotton innerwear away from your lacy, padded and wired bras.

Clovia’s cotton essentials offer snug support and provide the utmost comfort. They are indeed lifesavers for ladies running their offices from home. These clothes are made of soft breathable material and are totally free of chafing and irritating. So, we have put together a few essentials that will keep you comfortable and super relaxed all your work from home sessions.

Cotton Everyday Bra

Cotton Everyday BraWell, if your major goal for all your work-from-home sessions is comfort then this bra can be your best friend! This cotton bra is fitted with full cups which provide you with both comfort and full coverage minus spillage. It’s wire-free, non-padded cups ensure no added bulk and poke-free comfort all day long. And don’t miss the broad extended fabric straps and elastic band running along its neckline which provides extra support. However, you can wear them for all your zoom meetings, work calls and even nap in this super comfy bra!

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Cotton Top & Shorts

Cotton Top & ShortsWhat’s the best way to lounge around your house all day and not feel a thing? Shorts! You even won’t feel like wearing one. Especially this cotton top and shorts set is so adorable and comfortable in every way possible. You can totally attend all your work calls and yet don’t feel a little bit of discomfort in this nightwear. Who told you can only wear nightwear while you sleep? This nightwear set is crafted with comfortable and breathable cotton-rich fabric when makes it the best cotton wear at home for all your office works.

These nightsuits come with matching panties for the ones who call home a ‘no-pants’ zone. You could pair this top with matching cotton panties, makes a cute combo isn’t it?

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Cotton Nighty

Cotton NightyNo, it is not just for bedtime! Nighties are amazing for well..doing anything – in the day and at night! Coming to your daily chores, this nighty is just an incredible choice. Also, it is crafted with comfortable and breathable cotton-rich fabric. It’s a nice easy-breezy style to lounge in during those lazy summer afternoons. You can imagine rolling out of your bed and diving straight to your work station wearing this pretty cotton nighty.

Cotton Panties

Cotton PantiesLadies, wearing cotton nightwear isn’t really enough to make sure you feel utmost comfort. The air down there also matters. We don’t really get it why a lot of women outlook this factor, it’s really important to concentrate on the type of panties you wear. This cotton hipster panty is just an amazing pick for you to comfortably lounge around your house aka no pants zone. It is crafted with breathable and stretchable cotton fabric which makes it the comfiest panty ever, the fabrics is breathable enough to not trap heat and absorbent enough to absorb wetness and sweat.

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Cotton Sleep Tees

Cotton Sleep TeesIs it only me or even you started missing your partner in this lockdown? We definitely miss those boyfriend shirts we used to steal from them but hey! here’s an alternative! These adorable sleep tees pretty much bring those boyfriend T-shirt vibes. Plus, they give you absolute comfort with its relax-fit style. They come in different graphic designs and prints, so you can choose according to your style.



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