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What Kind Of Innerwear Should Be Worn During Yoga?

A peaceful yoga session can bring us many health benefits. It is one of the most natural and effective ways of leading a healthy lifestyle. But, for girls what is usually intended to be a relaxing session turns out to be an hour full of distractions. Be it that unsuitable hairstyle, itchy lower or uncomfortable innerwear.

Well, when looking to achieve inner peace you can’t really afford such distractions, can you? While other distractions are not that hard to overcome, choosing the right innerwear usually gets you in a pickle. Worry not, we got your back! Here are few tips to follow while selecting your Yoga innerwear.

  1. Wear the right size

Just like any other workout, Yoga too helps you lose weight and tones your body. Thus, it is important that your innerwear is well fitted to adapt to your changing body. A loose bra might not support your breast tissues aptly as is required during exercising. Neither is wearing too tight a bra or panty the right way to go about it as you need to give your body breathing space. Wear innerwear that is true to your size and get fitted in a new one as your body or weight changes.

Fabric & design makes a big difference

Comfort majorly comes from the feel your innerwear gives you. A slippery or rather rough fabric can cause irritation and rashes on your body during sweating. Cotton or a softer cotton blend is a great option to choose for your Yoga innerwear. Also, it’s better to steer clear of designer elements for yoga innerwear. Sequins and studs might poke or cause discomfort during the session.

Complement your outerwear

Remember, whatever outerwear you choose to wear for Yoga will eventually provide you flexibility and space to perform the asanas. If your innerwear is not complementing to its style like panty peeking while pending or bra straps falling from shoulders, can eventually ruin the whole experience. You can go for racerback bras, low-waist panties or even thongs to complement the neckline and looks of your Yoga pants.


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