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What is padded bra? What is the use of it?

What is padded bra? What is the use of it?

What is a padded bra?

A padded bra is tailored to make your chest appear bigger. As its name implies, it is a type of bra which is padded. The padding material of the bra can either be water, foam, or gel. These materials are manufactured particularly to come up with the perfect padded bra to increase breast volume. Padded bras are manufactured with varying levels of padding that can meet the wearer’s needs. If you want your chest to appear slightly larger, you can choose a padded bra with slight amount of padding. Other padded bras consist of more padding. But, of course, you need to choose a padded bra that goes well with your clothes. Some padded bras don’t seem to appear natural when worn under your clothing.

What are the perks of wearing a padded bra?

1. Highlighting your assets

While we have just said that padded bras are not just to add volume to your breasts, it is true that some women need that extra help. If you are not naturally shaped like the number 8, then you need some padding to accentuate your breast. Size does matter *wink*.

2. Shape em’ up

Other than toning up on size a padded bra also adds shape to your form. Sometimes your breasts can look too pointy. This happens specially in your adolescent years. It gives a very ripe look that might embarrass the young girl. The types of bras with padding usually flatten out the pointed look and give you a rounded shape. You also need these bras later in life when your breasts start sagging.

3. Jiggling free

‘Jiggling’?  If you are moving around or playing sports, you don’t want your breast to move around wildly. Jigging refers to such a situation. You need to wear padding bras in order to provide support to your breasts and hold them firmly.

4. No-show confidence

If you are feeling cold or wearing clothes that are sheer, your nipples may show through your bra and clothes. This usually happens when the nipple stands erect and your bra is making your breast a little see through. Padded bras have thick layers of padding and thus you need not worry about ‘showing’ when you are wearing them.

5. Chic Lingerie

Padding bars are now part of the classy lingerie slab. Most expensive bras are padded. And you really cannot deny that they do make you look really hot.

And thus are some conclusive reasons why you need padded bras. Can you add some reason from your own personal experiences?

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