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How To work The Underwear As An Outwear Trend

How To work The Underwear As An Outwear Trend

The totally popular fashion trend, “underwear as outwear” is something that really excites a lot of fashionistas out there. It can also be a little out of the box trend for a lot of women, in my opinion flaunting your innerwear sounds pretty risque and outrageous.

Well, it isn’t that big of a deal! While we’re definitely not expecting you to start wearing lacy bralettes to your workplace, however underwear as outwear really could be more wearable than you think- it all depends on how you style it.

They say, give fashionistas a piece of cloth and they’ll turn it into art and I am pretty sure this time someone gave them underwear to style! We can’t even deny but there are actually a lot of fashion influencers all over the world who are currently slaying this trend.

Madonna from 80’s who’s been rocking this trend by wearing a lace bustier on the album cover for ‘Like A Virgin’ to the latest fashion icons like the Kardashians popularised the trend of wearing lingerie bodysuits with trousers and skirts.

So, do you wanna try them too and wondering how to without much of skin show? Worry not ladies! Here’s how you can be a part of the new underwear as outwear trend, without raising too many eyebrows.

1. Bralette top

Bralette topIf you are an Instagrammer, I am sure you must have seen a lot of fashion influencers flaunting their bralette tops to the best. Bralettes have become a major part of the fashion trend. Interestingly all you have to do is pair your favourite bralette with high waist jeans and a slouchy blazer, trust me you’ll reach Givenchy levels of cool. Believe me, this trend also works for office (depending on how cool your workplace is maybe!) if you layer a crisp white shirt underneath your bralette.

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2. Silk Camis

Silk CamisWell, if you think bralettes are too revealing then silk camis are a big part of nailing the underwear as outwear trend! All you have to worry is about how you style this not so casual underwear into something sexy. Pair with jeans and boots or you may even slip it under a coloured suit for a more formal event. The key here is to keep things simple, go for solid colours like whites, baby pinks or blacks, pick the ones with lace trims for a sexy touch to your look. Brighter the colour, sexier it’ll make you look. Softer the hue, chicer your outfit looks.

3. Slip dresses

Slip dressWe know how much you love your slip dresses aka nighties, they are definitely sexy, curve-hugging and comfy. You would be surprised if I say you can totally slay your slip dress as an outwear if you know how to style it. You can play around with hemlines and layer over shirts & turtle necks or under blazers depending on the weather. Trust me, if you can pair fantastic eye-flashing footwear with your slip dress, then that’s it! You are officially a pro. Also, use a little spark of jewellery as in a pendant, this is a really smart way of making sure your slip dress doesn’t look too much like you’re still wearing a nightgown.

4. Bodysuit

BodysuitThanks to the Kardashians, these days lace bodysuits probably get worn more outside the bedroom than inside. It’s a great way of showing how creative you can get when it comes to fashion. Bodysuits speak dominance, assertiveness and confidence. A lace bodysuit is easy to style. It’ll look great when you can style it with a pair of jeans or under a sheer style. Pair the look with a leather jacket or chunky boots for an outfit that’s worthy of Hailey Baldwin or Kendall Jenner.

5. Sports bra

Sports braIf you are someone who’s more into an athleisure kinda look, a sports bra is a great for some cool outwears options. All you have to do is pair it with some high waist boyfriend jeans or more maybe a matching pair of tracks and wear some cool funky shoes and done! You’ll have that cool street-style look instantly.



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