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What Guys Really Think About What You Wear To Bed

What Guys Really Think About What You Wear To Bed

Ladies, we know how comforting it is to wear pyjamas to bed but have you ever wondered what your guy really wants you to wear to bed? Of course, going commando would be the top option, but don’t you think getting a little naughtier has its own spark?

Every guy wants his lady to wear something sexy to bed and frankly, your basic pyjamas won’t really do the thing. Well, let’s admit that we love it when we leave them asking for more. So here are some sexy little nightwear, that guys think about what you wear to bed.

1. An Oversized Tee

An Oversized Tee

Imagine how amazing it is for your guy to see you wearing his t-shirt that looks a little oversized on you and nothing else! I’d say this is the comfiest option to wear something to bed while keeping it naughty. I checked shirt would be a classic pick. You can’t go wrong unless it’s the shirt he was planning to wear the next day 😉

2. Babydoll

BabydollWell, I can surely bet about a sexy babydoll, it is going to be that sexy sleepwear that makes you look all dressed up for bed. Come on ladies, who doesn’t fantasize their lady love in sultry one-piece nightwear just to admire the beauty! Trust me, you will never regret wearing these to bed. This is one way he gets that you’re up for some mischieve tonight.

3. Booty Shorts & Tank Tops

Booty Shorts & Tank TopsLet’s be honest, this sends so many mixed signals and just confuses your guy. Also, this one says, “Comfort & sleep is my priority, but if you can bring your A-game in, I could consider.” So what are you waiting for? 😉 Get those cuties on and keep it sweet & sexy for the night.

4. Bustier

Oh hello there! Look at this beauty, I am sure your guy’s eyes are just gonna pop out when he sees you wearing this jaw-dropping lingerie style. This is one heck of sexy lingerie we could ever recommend you to wear if you want to turn your bedtime romance to something exotic. What do you think of looking at this lingerie? Your thoughts quite match your guy’s thought. Sexy & Irresistible.

5. Thong

ThongIf you ever had a fight with your partner and want to make things better, especially while you go to bed, then you must say hello it this effortlessly revealing lingerie. Just imagine, you can definitely pass out your intentions, without actually saying them out. Win-win! And what guys think about thongs? It is undoubtedly better than your everyday granny panties.

6. Fancy Slip

Fancy SlipIt’s definitely not quite sexy lingerie comparing to the rest of them in the list but it’s sensual if you can flaunt it in style. Yes, you can always seduce your partner wearing them, and also it makes you feel comfortable to sleep afterwards. It’s an amalgamation of sweet & sexy and can often leave your guy wondering if you’re in the mood to just cuddle or something more…

7. Nighty & Robe

Nighty & RobeThis is great classic lingerie to wear in bed. It’s like your superhero costume, just untie the robe and Woah! This is what most of the billionaires wear to bed, or at least that’s what is shown in the tv shows. This might make your guy think you’re up for a ‘nice or naughty’ game.

8. Sheer Nighty

Sheer NightyTechnically this is one such lingerie, which actually makes you feel you wore something but doesn’t let your partner feel the same. The sheer fabrics of such nightwear styles leave very little to the imagination and drop a hint to your guy that you’re all game tonight.

9. Romper

RomperThis is just one of those comforting sleepwear your partner wants to see you wearing. Indeed, this will definitely make you look more cute and lovable to your partner. If you are really craving for some cuddle nights these are going to be your best friends to wear in bed. Your guy is just gonna look at you in awe and want to wrap you like a burrito with his arms.

10. Nothing

NothingI am sure you were definitely expecting this on the list. It’s actually true, you can literally never go wrong with this. Wearing absolutely nothing is indeed the first thought of your guy to see you in bed. But you know there’s no fun if it isn’t unexpected. If you’re planning to go commando make sure it comes to him as a shock and not like a pre-planned thing. Wondering what you’re guy would think? Babe! This would make him go weak in the knee I don’t think he would be thinking anything at all. No Dropping Hints Required Here.



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