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What Causes Sore Nipples and How to Treat Them

What Causes Sore Nipples and How to Treat Them

Nipples are a very delicate and sensitive part of a woman’s breasts. There might be many reasons for the soreness experienced in the nipple and you must know them to take better care of your breasts and effectively reduce the soreness. Below are some of the reasons that may cause sore nipples:

Loose Fitting Bra

It is a nightmare to have an ill-fitting piece of bra because it does not support you. It may also cause nipple irritation as being loose will constantly rub against your skin. So don’t wear a bra that does fit you properly. Choose your right size bra to avoid soreness and rashes in the nipple region of the breasts.


Pregnancy is a period in a woman’s life that changes many things in the body. Secretion of several hormones like progesterone which supports pregnancy and these changes in hormone levels may cause soreness in breasts. Your breasts also change as hormones act on them to produce milk and this may lead to soreness experienced in the nipples due to swelling of the breasts.

Watching Up For Your First Period

The monthly menstrual cycle in women brings changes in the levels of the hormone in the body. Soreness in the nipples and breasts can be considered as a sign that your period time is arriving. This pain and soreness is due to the rising of estrogen hormone in the body and subsides shortly after you get your period.

Active Breastfeeding

Inverted Nipple Breastfeeding TipsWhen you breastfeed your baby for the first time it can be very difficult and pain-causing. The breasts actively produce milk for the baby and that causes soreness in the breasts and nipples. In some women, breastfeeding can cause dry and bleeding nipples. This, it is necessary to take care of your breasts when you actively breastfeed.


nipple butterWhile reasons like a loose-fitting bra and menstruation are not lasting for soreness of the nipples, the soreness due to pregnancy and active breastfeeding lasts longer in duration. You nurture a baby inside your body during pregnancy and nourish them after birth by breastfeeding. It becomes important to take care of the breasts and nipples when you are breastfeeding your child.

You must use a product such as nipple butter which helps in reducing the soreness and dryness in the nipples. It should be natural and paraben-free. As you breastfeed your baby the product should not cause any harm to the baby. A good nipple butter with ingredients like vitamin E, kokum butter, and olive oil can benefit in soothing sore nipples. They not only moisturize and heal but also keep your nipples hydrated without being greasy.

There you have all the things you need to know about sore nipples and their treatments. Taking care of your breast is a very good practice that should be encouraged more and more. The healthier your breasts are, the less chance of getting any infections or even breast cancer.

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