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Quarantine Plans with My Sleepwear 

So Friday evening is slowing rolling in and people around me are going crazy. Yay! It’s weekend, what plans? I really don’t know how to answer such questions. A night out at the pub, a movie date, Sunday brunch, shopping at the mall- these are a few socially accepted answers. But what if I don’t feel like going out on weekends? Well, here’s the truth. I believe weekends are for resting, resting so religiously that you don’t even move an inch. All I need is food and a comfy night suit to spend my weekends in peace.

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Wake Up & Make Up

I still can’t believe that people actually wake up early on weekend s just to get ready and go out. Why would you do that, get up & get dressed on a Sunday? Thanks to my cute short nighty that makes me dress to bed every night and lets me say it with swag ‘This is how I woke up’

Movie Marathon

You call it a movie date with a guy, where you dress up all girly & glam. I call it ‘Netflix & Chill’ with my PJs on and bra off. I lay in bed and watch movie all day long, 10 hours and 1 season- that’s how I roll.


I like meeting my friends over the weekend only if it doesn’t require me to step out of my house. Why would you want me to get up, get dressed and bring myself to a coffee shop? I suggest, you let me sleep all day long and sway by for a slumber party. You can dress up but don’t feel jealous if I look uber-cute in my sleep shorts & top.

Date Night

A special dress, fake eyelashes, lots of make-up and high heels- that’s what is usually required for a romantic date night. I understand at times you need to bring some spark in your relationship and sizzle things up. But why all that effort? My sexy babydoll does it better than your special dress *wink*

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