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Upgrade Your Panty Closet with These Sexier Alternatives

Change is hard, especially when it is out of our comfort zone. We often feel reluctant to trying new things or experimenting with our style especially when it comes to our innerwear. No wonder the panty closets of most girls are filled with boring old vanillas in nothing different than cotton.

Comfort is important, but innerwear is not all about that. Is it? Our underwear has the power to influence everything about us be it our personality, mood or confidence. When something has such an impact on you, why keep it all tamed up. Explore the funkier, sexier and peppier side of ladies panties with these happening everyday alternatives!

Lace Amaze

Lace is truly amazing. A little hint of this elegant fabric is enough to turn a simple design into something so scintillating. The most gorgeous feature of lace is its intricate designs that come in enchanting patterns and gives us a lingerie piece worth owning.

Sort your everyday lace grace with ladies underwear styles beautified with lace waist, lace side wings, sexy lace panels or a purely ravishing all-lace hipster.

Lace Bra Panty Set

Lace Bra Panty Set

Plush Powernet

Remember how once net was all the rage? Well, the power of powernet gave it a beautiful makeover to create this plush fabric. Powernet is not only graceful by all means but also has a unique strength and stability to it. It’s rightfully used in lining bras to retain their shape. Powernet panties have their own charm and amazingly combine comfort with plush style.

Get your hands on powernet ladies panties that come in gorgeous panels and waist designs to take your plain jane panties to another level.

Powernet Panties

Sexy Satin

There is no denying here! Satin knows how to steal the show everytime it enters your wardrobe. Its sheen, its grace, its embrace everything has something special about it. Not to miss out the superb smooth feel it brings along.

The most common type of satin lingerie to own is a bikini set, perfect for your first night. But, you can take it up a notch by introducing it to your daily wear on special days through a sexy bra panty set or with panties that combine satin elements with your quotient of comfy.

Satin Panty

Peppy Prints

When you need a break from vanillas, you go for chocolate chips! And everyone knows how yummy chocolate chips are, just as exciting the world of prints is. Florals, abstract, ethnic to polkas, stripes and even checks, prints are and always have been a part of our mood streaks. Then why not our undies?

Shift from goody-goody to wild, restless and perky with striking prints available through the versatile panties online collection.

Printed panties

Printed panties

Cheeky Cut-Outs

Keep up with your funky and casual style statement even in your innerwear. Cut out the drama with cheeky cut-out panties designed with little less to give you a style that’s a lot more. This is the easiest to try and the sexiest to switch to.

Feel confident, peppy and naughty all day in these oh-so-casual cut-out panties without giving up on the comfort and hygiene of your favourite fabric.

Cut-out panties

Colour Blast

What better way to say goodbye to dull than saying hello to colours! No, just one or two won’t do! Dip into the awesomeness of every colour possible with the charm of multicolour panties. These are the most versatile and yet the comfiest of them all. Just see your closet revive and rejoice as you add a colour splash to it. Go ahead, enjoy the muse all day!

Multicolour panties


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