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Tips For Selecting Your Honeymoon Lingerie

After months and months of preparation, invitations, hair and makeup appointment, wedding list making, and so much more, you are finally on the way to walk down the aisle. You have spent months on the best dresses and best jewelry options. However, did you check the most important thing on the list?

Well, going on a honeymoon might just be the best experience ever. But you need to have the right goods for it. Clothes are a necessity, but you do need to have the best lingerie for honeymoon as well. No dress would look perfect if you don’t have perfect wedding lingerie. Need some help? Well, here we are.

  • Choose Something Classy

night dress for honeymoon

Your honeymoon dresses need to have a touch of sophistication in them. You don’t necessarily have to choose something skimpy in case of your honeymoon lingerie. So, here is an important tip. Choose lingerie that’s sexy yet sophisticated. You can go for a sexy night dress for honeymoon with a matching robe. A nighty and robe set in soft satin would be perfect for the occasion. This combination is sexy and practical if you want to cover up

  • Be Unique When You Choose

nighty for honeymoon

Chuck the old school bra and panties that you have. Why not be a little playful? Well, no one wants to wear a garter or a corset all night long, right? They won’t even be there for the rest of the night even. So, depending on the taste that you have, you might want to choose something that has hooks or snaps in it. Those will be a bit easier to take off if you know what we mean!

Or you could just make your man work for the treasures by adding in a nighty for honeymoon that has some buttons and lacings in it. It will give you immense pleasure in seeing him fight for the unveiling to have. However, if you can’t stay away from corsets, then you can have some other options as well. There are plenty to choose from.

  • Comfort Above Everything Else

honeymoon night dress

While you might want to be vicarious and try out something that you have not done before, you need to take care of comfort first. You don’t want to be uncomfortable all night, especially on your honeymoon, right? So, avoid wearing something that will scratch you off until the time you take the damn thing off. Choose the materials such as satin and lace in your honeymoon night dress. Wear something soft that you will actually enjoy parading in front of your husband while you watch him go crazy for you.

  • White Isn’t Always Right

wedding lingerie

Yes, we get it. White is the traditional color for sure. But that doesn’t mean you have to wear it on your honeymoon as well. When it comes to honeymoon lingerie, choose something colorful. Black is an option if you are going for that sexy smoldering appeal for your hubby. However, there are some other color options as well. How do you feel about purple lingerie or pink ones? Try them out and see a whole new side of you.

Choosing your wedding lingerie will be as easy as anything if you know what you want to have. So, this time, go for the best looks that will absolutely drive him crazy. These are the tips that you need to keep in mind the next time you go shopping for sexy lingerie for your honeymoon nights.

Rachika Singh

Rachika Singh

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