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The Way To A Woman’s Heart – Her Wardrobe!

Whether you talk about a busy business woman or a homemaker, school going teenager or a college adult, young or old, every one of them loves their wardrobe more than anything in this world. If you ever hear a woman say that she has nothing to wear, it means she has so much in that wardrobe that it feels like she has nothing special. Yeah, women are a bit confusing when it comes to their clothes but you need to remember this that to find the way to a woman’s heart, you need to go through her wardrobe.

In the shopping mall

Give her a happy shopping experience: If you just started a relationship and you are confused about the next step to take, then it has to be shopping. I know, it is going to be a little tough and boring experience for you but nothing else will make her happier than shopping. Take her to her favourite stores and make her buy whatever she loves, every single add on in her wardrobe, adds an extra point to you.


Pick something for her: While she is busy choosing things for herself, you do that too. If she is in the other corner picking a dress, you go and pick something from another. And if you want to make her feel a little more special, choose the matching lingerie with her dress. This will make her go wow! Can’t decide on the styles? Then check them instantly on


Honest Feedback on what she chooses: Make sure that you are honest when she tries out her outfit or shoes because that will impress her the most. Yeah, many women don’t like being criticized so you have to be smart enough while giving her the feedback on what she chooses.


Surprise her: If she ever says in front of you that she wants a particular dress and is planning to buy it soon then you take a wise step and gift it to her before she gets it. If you share an intimate relationship, then gift her lingerie because girls love trendy lingerie. If you feel awkward in going out and buying lingerie for her, then Clovia is here to help you out. Simply check out the options and get them delivered at home. Also, if you are confused about the size, you can check it out in their bra size calculator.


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