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The Secret of An Active Lifestyle – Activewear

We all want to shed those extra kilos that are affecting us somehow. If I say shedding extra calories is way easier than you thought, would you believe it? 

Well! You have to trust me on this. It’s tried & tested. The secret is activewear. Yes, with the right activewear you can live an active lifestyle. Now you will ask me, how?

How Does Activewear Change Your Mindset To Live An Active Lifestyle?

Because clothes affect your mindset. The type of clothes you wear, you act similarly. For example, in formal wear, you like to act formally. Similarly, in a cocktail dress, your gesture & body language dramatically changes. 

In the same manner, activewear makes you feel light & comfortable, and somehow they work psychologically too. Because everybody around you wears activewear to the gym or for a workout session. When you wear the same, you do feel like doing some kind of exercise, at least playing a game like badminton or so.

Now that you know, having and wearing activewear is a major motivation to stay active. Let’s know the type of activewear and staples for you. 

Activewear Staples That You Must Own For Active Lifestyle

Regardless of age, every woman must own staple activewear pieces.

A Sports Bra

Sports Bra

All women must have sports bras. This is not just about being active, it’s about their breast health too. A sports bra is too comfortable. You can wear it daily, your breasts will love the amazing support & coverage that a sports bra offers. There are basically three types of sports bras

  1. Low-impact sports bra
  2. Medium-impact sports bra
  3. High-impact sports bra 

The best way to pick a sports bra for an activity is to align the intensity of the activity with the impact. For high-intensity workouts go with a high-impact bra. Similarly, for medium-intensity activities, you can choose between medium or high impact. With low-intensity sports, pick either low & medium-impact. 

For wearing a sports bra daily, pick a low-impact. It’s not bulky at all and supports you perfectly.

A Nice Pair of Tights 

The tights are amazing! They keep you active all day long. These are crafted with a sturdy, moisture-wicking and 4-way stretchable fabric. You can wear them at home to feel motivated.

Joggers/ Track Pants

Track Pants

Track pants look cool when paired with a crop top. This look can be carried to a casual meet-up with friends. It’s light and has pockets to carry your knick-knacks.

Cool Crop Top

This cool crop top can be paired with a skirt on a date night if your partner is also a fitness freak. Just kidding! But it actually looks cute, isn’t it?

This sports crop top can be worn during dance class, yoga, Zumba sessions, badminton, tennis, golf, or simply anywhere you want to carry it.  

Co-Ord Set

Matching sports tops & bottoms are a high-fashion look approved by trendsetters. Dressing up during your workout sessions is not just an illusion, with Clovia’s matching sports top & bottom set you can now look fabulous.

Active Hoodies for Winter

Winter is coming. You need something warm for a morning walk or gym sesh. These cool tie-dye hoodies can be worn to the office as well. Pair it with leggings and in the evening you can directly leave the office and join the gym. 

See, that’s simple! 

Final Takeaway

Wearing activewear in your day-to-day life somehow encourages you to move your body a bit more. And gradually it will become a habit, sooner become an active lifestyle. So start wearing your favourite activewear pieces from Clovia.

Aparna Pal

Aparna Pal

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Aparna possesses a master's degree in computer application; however, her interests lie more in the realm of fashion and lifestyle. She is a Senior Content Writer at Clovia and brings more than 4 years of experience in the lingerie, fashion, and beauty industry. She is dedicated to empowering women by providing them with the necessary knowledge about their bodies, lingerie, and lifestyle.
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