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The 3 F’s That Makes Clovia So Pantilicious

Know the secret sauce behind Clovia’s awesome Panty range!

Every brief that Clovia manufactures is a perfect amalgamation of 3-F’s i.e. Fits, Fabrics and Fashion through which we bring you a panty collection that’s high on both style and comfort.

Gone are the days when your lingerie was only restricted to black and white essentials where, you had couple of pairs with you, which would be rotated every now and then. In the modern day, your body type is one of the best ways of determining your type of panty.


Clovia brings you globally standard fits that are suitable for all ages and tastes. From standard bikini panties fits for everyday wear to flattering What Makes Clovia So Pantilicious?s and boyshorts, our panty styles provide fits to complement wide variety of outerwear and body types.
Clovia’s awesome panty fits


We use only premium fabrics to craft our briefs. Our most commonly used fabrics in briefs include cotton spandex, 100% pure cotton, polyamide, powernet and lace. These fabrics ensure a smooth and comfortable fit along with high flexibility and breathability.
Premium fabrics of Clovia panties


Keeping it trendy, Clovia crafts the most fashionable collection of briefs that are fresh from the runway. From season fresh prints to latest styles, cuts and designs, we ensure that each of our panties is a prized possession for every panty closet.
Clovia’s fresh from runway panty designs


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