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Tease Your Man With These Sexy Bridal Lingerie Pieces

Every girl is a star on the wedding day and wants to look her best. Right from shoe to nail paint, make-up, hair, henna to endless trials of trousseau, everything has to be perfect. Same goes for the lingerie too. Take your time to select the pieces. Most of the honeymoon lingerie is designed to highlight body parts like bust, hip, legs, back and navel. It comes in materials such as ultra-sheer net, stretchable mesh and satin with lace details. Choose from the material and style that will enhance your favorite part and keeps you confident.  As the legendary Dita Von Teese would say, “Its not about seducing men, its about embracing womanhood.” You need to have a right mix that will last you for a long honeymoon. We have picked 10 sexiest pieces of bridal lingerie to be that will keep him begging for more this spring summer.

  1. Special Day

A fiery red and black night dress never fails to make an impression. You would be surprised to know how many men would still vouch for it to get the pulse racing. Summer lingerie should keep you feeling sexy yet lite. A breathable and airy nightdress in sheer fabric and lace helps stay cool when temperature is rising in the room. Untitled-2  

  1. Play a tease

Fun, cleverness, innocence, confidence and coyness all add to the sexiness. Sometime defiance and not complying with the rules also makes you pretty sexy. Thus play a tease when you wear a sexy piece. For extra effect use multiple layers and keep the lights low. Here’s the one from Clovia that you might want to try. Untitled-1 (1)

  1. Element of Surprise

Surprises can add to the excitement. There has to be at least one piece of sexy lingerie that you can hide under the day clothes or a one sheer & short negligee that can be tucked inside the pants.

Element of Surprise

Not So Obvious

If you are a shy type and do not want seducing look obvious, choose one in light pastels or in jewel tones. Pastels are elegant and classy, while jewel tones reflect the glitter and glow of emerald, ruby or sapphire on the skin. Untitled-3 (1)


Keep couple of options for the special day as well as for nights to follow.  There is one to suit every mood from colorfully juicy to classic sexy pieces in Bridal Lingerie collection. This will keep the spark alive. If you want to stay fuss free and do not want to spend much either, you can try some sexy briefs. These are light on pocket while you maintain your status quo. Untitled-4


Last but not the least comfort is a very important part of feeling sexy. If the style and material makes you feel comfortable in it then you will automatically extrude sexiness wearing it. Buy the above Bridal lingerie online at Clovia.


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