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Stop Making These 9 Swimsuit Mistakes Right Now!

Stop Making These 9 Swimsuit Mistakes Right Now!

We know that girls just wanna have fun! And what’s more fun than a day at the beach or by the pool with a refreshing swim or a relaxing sunbath. Occasions by the waves, call out for the sexiest swimsuit in your wardrobe. But, there are some really common swimsuit mistakes committed by women which kills their swimsuit game even before it starts. But you don’t have to worry because we’ve got you the list of 9 mistakes that you need to stop doing right now! So let’s take your swimwear game to the next level.

1. Old is not always gold

Yes, we all have that one favourite swimsuit that looks really good on us and grabs us so many compliments. But girl, that has been on you for a really long time and you have to move on! Women tend to get attached to clothes so badly that we just can’t let go of that one item that they really need to. And when you don’t declutter how will you make space for new clothes, huh? Look let’s be honest, maybe the design of your old swimwear is outdated or quite possible that the material is wearing out or worse it doesn’t even fit you the way it used to. So let go and move one. Part ways from that old swimsuit you have and that’ll take you one step closer to looking better by shopping for some new ones. These days you get such improved styles with sculpting features or illusion creating designs and even tummy controlling ones. Trust me, a much better one is waiting for you out there on the internet. You surely deserve better honey!

2. Not experimenting with looks

Not experimenting with looksHow do we ever come to know what we like or what looks good on us? By trying something new! Exactly the thing most of us refrain from doing or are scared to do is experimenting with our looks. We are so comfortable with one plain jane look and that we’ve never imagined how a certain look can totally transform our personality. Babe, there are a plethora of styles and options for swimsuits available out there, so why stick to the same style? If you don’t know where to start, head over to Clovia and check out some amazing trendy swimsuit styles that can work well for your body type.

3. You think monokinis are boring

You think monokinis are boringMost of you must have seen women rock sexy bikinis at the beach or at a pool party and felt that a monokini is not so appealing or sexy. Wrong! monokinis carry a charm and look of their own, they are so retro and classic. All you need to do is, just pick the right one for yourself. Try out some trendy monokinis with maybe flattering cut-outs or colour blocked or contrast belts. This is one swimwear style that looks modest yet sexy. So don’t miss out on this amazing style because of your doubts.

4. Buying a bigger/smaller size than required

I get what you were thinking, “If I buy a size higher than my size, I can hide some extra skin and pounds.” or “ If I pick a size smaller it might make me look slimmer” And that’s exactly where you went wrong, my dear. Buying a bigger size won’t conceal your bulges or buying a smaller size won’t make you look slimmer in fact, it’ll make you look just the opposite of what you need at the beach/pool. Always go for a perfect fit swimsuit, neither too loose nor too tight. You can try out a different style if you want to hide your curves or skin but always make sure it is the perfect fit on your body. The last thing you would want is your swimwear to bunch up in awkward places or create embarrassing wedgies.

5. Not keeping the occasion in mind

Some of you might have had a wardrobe malfunction while at the beach because of this particular reason, not knowing where to wear what. If you are going to relax and lie down for sunbathing then a stringy bikini might be a good idea, but, if you plan on wearing a string bikini when you are going for a water ride, surfing, swimming or any activity, then oh dear are you in for a mess, cause your swimsuit is going to slip over and over again. For rough activities at a beachwear, a bodysuit swimsuit would be the perfect choice. With good coverage and support, it lets you enjoy your water sports without worrying about what you’re wearing.

6. Buying one size bikini sets

Buying one size bikini setsNow we get lazy, it’s a human thing, I get it. To save time, you end up buying bikini top and bottom sets that have one size. This is not suitable for all as not everyone has the same size on the top and bottom. This is a real problem for people with an hourglass, pear or triangular body shape. You may either have a big bust and a relatively smaller waist size or vice versa. So buying one size fits all sets is not beneficial for you, instead purchase that top and bottom separately according to your sizes.

7. Fretting over tan lines

I’ll say this once and for all, tan lines are ok. Yes, sometimes we wear fancy swimsuits with fancy designs that leave unusual tan lines across our skin, and that’s completely fine. That is not something you have to worry about and stop yourself from wearing that swimsuit. Even then, if you want to prevent tan lines, sit under some shade like a tree or umbrella or wear a good sunscreen to protect your skin. Or buy swimwear that provides better coverage to your neck, arms, back and waist.

8. Not buying swim tops with good support

You may have faced the issue of your swimsuit top not being able to support your bust well while you’re in a pool. When you take a dip in the water, your clothes will naturally absorb the water and feel heavy, this might require you to keep pulling up your neckline if you feel conscious of excessive skin show. This is more relatable for women with a bigger bust and thus they have to be a little choosy about their options. You can buy tops that have good strap support or have wired cups so they provide a gentle lift, stay in place and keep you comfortable

9. Thinking you can’t rock a swimsuit

Thinking you can’t rock a swimsuitIf you think you can’t pull off a swimsuit, you are completely wrong. Anyone and I mean anyone can wear a swimsuit because they are so many options out there. If you want to not show too much skin, go for a high waist and frill top bikini or a frilled monokini that look cute and modest. If you want to hide a few pounds wear a monokini and that’ll have you sorted. There’s enough area to play around and you don’t have to worry at all. The most important factor to wear a swimsuit is confidence & a smile, so throw your insecurities out the window and slay it at the beach/pool.

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