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Top 6 Swimsuit Styles To Make You Look Slim

Top 6 Swimsuit Styles To Make You Look Slim

Let’s admit, shopping for a swimsuit is both exciting and annoying at the same time. You might be excited about adding one stylish piece to your wardrobe and annoyed about not finding the right fit or style. Every girl would like to pick a style which makes her look slim in her beach-vacay pictures. You don’t want the anxiety over wearing a swimsuit to keep you from enjoying everything that’s great about your beach vacation.

Who doesn’t want to splash into those waves, dive into the deep and sunbathe on a beach chair without a second thought of what you look like doing so. So to help you find a really great swimsuit than can make you look slimmer, we have got you these top 6 swimsuit styles.

1.  Consider bright solids

Consider bright solids

It’s true that black makes you look slim, but that actually works when you’re covered head to toe in black. A swimwear will obviously have a majority of your body exposed and wearing black won’t work as much. So ditch the black and grab the bright hues. Bright solids will work its magic by giving a seamless look and making you look taller. Look for bolder shades like reds, oranges, pinks or yellows, neon-leaning shades are the latest trend by the way. And trust me guys, the tanning and neon hues are the sexiest combination ever! You could even add contrasting beach jewellery to add a sexy look for the beach parties.

2. Take the plunge

Take the plunge
Want to show some little skin but not too revealing? If you think wearing a bikini is too extra, shift to a monokini! It’s the new trend, also it’s the best way to cover your hip region, and makes you look slim. A monokini highlights the slimmest part of your body- the waistline. Opt for a plunging neckline on an otherwise modest one-piece, this will add an instant glam factor to the look and make you look tinier on the shoulder region.

3. Go for ruffles & frills

Go for ruffles & frills
Despite what you think about ruffles and frills, this could be a great way to cover body fat when designed with a complementing neckline. It can be incredibly flattering to attract all the attention towards the pattern rather than the problem areas. This is also a great gateway to your slimmer look.

4. Opting Cut-Outs

Opting Cut-Outs

Swimwear styles with cut-out sides are great for shifting all the focus to your waist. It creates an illusion of an hourglass figure making your bust & hips look proportionate and waist slimmer.

5. Skirt It Out

Skirt It Out

If you’re someone whose bottom-heavy and has a typical pear shape body type then a skirt style swimwear is what you need. It doesn’t cling to your hips or expose your rear, instead it gives a nice dress-like look. It’s much shorter in length to create an illusion of longer legs. These typically are designed with attached shorts to avoid any embarrassing moments while you’re swimming.

6. Ruching..ruching, ruching!

When it comes to masking problem areas, a ruched fabric is every curvy women’s best friend. Choose a swimsuit that has ruching on around your problem zones. Like if you heavy your tummy or hips are what you identify as ‘problem zone’ look for a swimwear that has ruching around the tummy, this will camouflage and will make you look slim. This way you feel more confident about your body and what you’re wearing.



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