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Sshh! Meet the Secret Bras That Wouldn’t Show Under Clothing

Sshh! Meet the Secret Bras That Wouldn't Show Under Clothing

Now, the last thing you want in your painstakingly put-together #ootd is an exposed part of the bra, visible bra straps. That moment when your smart looking button up top folds in such a way that your bra peeks through can diminish your sense of command in a workplace, no matter how pulled together your outfit is otherwise. And don’t VPLs know just how to kill an outfit? Time to bid adieu to all your bra peeking moments, the saviour bras are here:

1. Game of Nudes

The nude bra is the unsung hero of your wardrobe – and we mean it when we say, every woman needs one. This essential underwear item is the key to making the most of your clothes, but only if it fits perfectly. The perfect nude bra should look and feel invisible. It creates a smooth silhouette and blends into your skin tone – ideal for wearing underneath your staple white T-shirt or the daring sheer dresses.

2. Wishfully Seamless

We’ve all heard of the VPL, but have you heard about her less notorious sister the VBL (visible bra line)? It’s an unsightly strapline or underwire that shows up when you don’t get the right lingerie. Get a seamless or T-shirt bra and voila, problem solved (plus, you have more cute lingerie!). These bras are appropriate for tight-fitting tops and dresses.

3. Push-up Some Glam

Some of us need more support to fill out a low-cut top. There’s no harm giving your bosom buddies an extra boost with push-ups!

4. Take the Plunge

‘Shawty got low! You’re obviously going for a cleavage-baring dress to show off your best assets and you’d better invest in heavy-duty protection plunge bra.

5. Attach-Detach

Sometimes we like wearing things with unconventional necklines, but our bras shouldn’t compromise on that front (or back) as some of us really just want that back support for comfort. Try these low back bras and convertible straps for maximum support and zero visible straps.

6. Stick em’ on

This goes without saying; you don’t want to spoil that perfect ‘backscape’ in your gorgeous backless dress with an unsightly bra strap (or clasp!). If stick-on’s aren’t your thing, try going for a bralette which has an interesting back strap design worthy of exposure.

7. Pastie Appropriate

To the daredevils when it comes to necklines, sometimes nipple tape is your only option! It works exactly like stickers to prevent nip-slips when you face a wardrobe malfunction.

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