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Show Your Straps – Runway Trends

Showing of your bra straps is no longer considered to be a fashion faux pas. On the contrary, it’s actually looked upon as a fashion statement nowadays. Be it celebrities, on the streets or even at fashion runways, showing the strap is becoming an effective way of making a style statement. Fashion runways, in particular, are following this new trend with full gusto. Are you also looking for new ways of showing of your bra strap? If yes then fret not! We show you some of the most popular trends straight from the fashion runways.



Supermodel Gisele Bundchen shows of this trend with elan on the runway. Her net white body loose gown is beautifully complimented with her black bra straps. The contradiction of colours and style enhances her overall look.


This is another fresh look that is creating quite the stir. With three straps on each side, this model creates a stunning and innovative look using her yellow dress and black bra. This is another trendy way of showing off your bra straps that is certain to make you grab all the attention in the crowd. You can also pair up your dress up with neckpieces to finish your look.


Another hot trend that can be seen on most runways nowadays is that of using shoulder less gowns to show off your bra straps.  This trend becomes most effective when contrasting shades of colours are used for your gown or dress and your bra straps. A light coloured shoulder less gown or dress would beautifully complement bra straps in dark shades. Similarly, bra straps in light shades should be paired up with dark coloured shoulder less garments. Avoid colour blocking when opting for this trend for maximum effect.

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